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Unbounded wisdom from the League of Light is yours in the original transmissions collected in these blogs.

Over the years, I received chunks of transmissions, each packaged as a separate unit taking the form of a new blog in the League of Light collection. From the earliest days to more recent, each is coded to open consciousness and trigger awakening at the moment it is read. They were given for today, and are more relevant now than when they were first passed to me in telepathic relay. You’ll find them an endless playground of consciousness to explore again and again. Living words to speak directly to you, and to the world.

These blogs are still online in their entirety and may even get new posts now and then. The links at the bottom of this page, if you want to see the origins. lead off-site to the original blogs. Have fun exploring!


Codes Angelic and Divine

A new message collection inaugurates a conversation celestial in nature, bridging the realms from Earth to heaven

Nine's Path blogs channeled Pleiadian messages Luminous Dimensions icon

Transmissions from the League of Light

The third collection from the Pleiadian Renegades, following what has become the books Remembrance and Pleiadian Renegade

Nine's Path blogs channeled Pleiadian messages Know More Earth icon

Mother Nature Comes in Many Forms

A collection of dimensional discussions from Isis Soul Collective, Theo, and Rachelle, considering our collective situation in transformation

Nine's Path blogs channeled Pleiadian messages Time Transformers Asket icon

Temmerian Transmissions

Original transmissions, both written and spoken, from Asket of Temmer and Semjase

Nine's Path blogs channeled Pleiadian messages Changing Address icon

Notes about Our Galactic History

Cogent discussion about the history of our human race in the galaxy, our situation on Earth, and our future

Nine's Path blogs channeled Pleiadian messages Anica's Notebook icon

Pleiadian Knowledge, Human Observations

Poignant and insightful, this collection of conversations from Anica speaks through time to the heart of the matter now

Nine's Path blogs channeled Pleiadian messages Nine Pense

Innermost Thoughts of a Galactic Nature

Just a few posts, relative to other blogs, but true jewels of philosophical insight

Nine's Path blogs channeled Pleiadian messages Bends of Light icon

Conscious Comments through the Lens of Nine

Maryann’s personal blog, starting from near the time the public transmissions began through the years of challenge and change

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