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Anica’s Video Notebook

Anica Colinion

Click here to visit Anica’s Notebook and read her many observations on our human family.

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Anica Colinion, Pleiadian/Temmerian Liaison of Light: Anica presents representatives of various galactic civilizations to share pointed messages to present-day humanity in the process of transformation. Reading from written transmissions. (5 videos)

Classic Anica: From the first voice channel I ever recorded on video back in 2009, this series traces some of Anica’s most poignant teachings. Direct voice transmissions. (6 videos)

Behind the Sun: Pleiadian Teachings from Nine: A triptych of messages diving deep into the nature of light within darkness. Direct voice transmissions. (3 videos)



Now Is the Time to Arise, Awakened: Anica of the League of Light & Galactic Federation of Light
45    0
The gathered forces of light in the galactic neighborhood of Earth join their voices together in thi
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7 videos


Fearlessness of the Demonic: Pleiadian Teachings from Nine, the League of Light, and Anica
60    2
You who are in service to Earth and humanity are holders of the secret of service. However, the demo
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