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How Time Works

Now we will tell you about time.

Say you are waiting for an event. It is scheduled to happen at a point near your now. It is closer to your now than it has been in what you call the past. In your counting of time, the past and future are on either side of your present. You slide along a continuous line progressing into the future. Time is actually everything at once. You move, but time remains constant. This is because time generally is only now. What you call past and future exist now. This is why you can alter the future by altering the past, as you do when you heal.

Time only does one thing, which is to operate as a variable in an equation balancing speed, bend, and irrationality. These elements together determine your perception of time. It is irrational to think that you are going to experience a certain thing in your reality, for example. Can you also see how the alternative is also irrational? In the equation, irrationality becomes stable when it is reduced to a certainty. The math is not difficult. Bend is your interactivity with it. “Time” as a variable responds. It must. Speed remains on one side of the equation. You would write it as “Speed equals time divided by the greater part of irrationality in your mind in relation to the greater part of irrationality as it stands with its own potential.”

This is the equation expressing how you experience time. The number you use for S will correlate with your experience as a measure of time. t will be the number 9. It is a constant. Your experience is the variable. t equals 9.918. b is a function of your effort, so it is determined in your neural ability to affect your understanding of i. i can be whatever you choose. Thus, you experience time according to your ability to bend your mind around an irrationality and its home within potential.

The words we give before the equation are to prepare the mind for the equation.


Time only does one thing, which is to operate as a variable in an equation balancing speed, bend, and irrationality, determining your perception of time. #time #ninespath #briefings #irrationality Click To Tweet
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    Namaste Maryann, beautiful ty. Can you clarify “” t equals 9.918” where does that exact number come from??


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