Personal Readings

Personal Readings from the Pleiadians

Transmissions from your soul…

Get a personal reading from the Creative Counselors of the League of Light.  Discover more from a higher perspective… from your soul readers. Choose between a standard tarot reading, an indepth tarot soul reading, or a full personalized reading.

Messages typically focus on your personal experience of awakening, healing, and integration, or your role in the greater awakening and healing of the human psyche. Questions about specific aspects of your life are met with answers pointing to higher perspectives. By shifting your awareness, your own life experience can be a powerful agent of change from within the weave of reality.

Understanding will follow.

Soul Whispers

Full personal reading
  • Full personalized soul reading
  • Ask a question or be open to insight offered to you
  • ±3 typed pages sent via PDF
  • ±2 weeks turnaround

Pleiadian Tarot

Long Version
  • In-depth tarot-based reading
  • 2-3 typed pages in PDF format
  • Photo & diagram of card spread
  • 3 cards (Pleiadian Tarot spread)

Standard Spread

Your Choice
  • Standard tarot reading, Pleiadian viewpoint
  • Response sent in PDF format
  • Photo & diagram of cards
  • Choose 1 of several card spreads

One Question

Quick Insight
  • Single-question tarot reading, Pleiadian viewpoint
  • Sent via email
  • Can be done via chat
  • Quick insight to your question
A Note from the Pleiadians:

Knowledge can set you free.

Maddening ruts are not so hard to get out of if you are able to see where you’re stuck. Sanity eventually wakes up, but when a little word can help, why not voice a question? Our words are of nearness to your heart. We eavesdrop on your soul when you ask us a question. Love is the language we answer in. Nemesis chimes in too, as she has secrets to share. Certainty, understanding and peace are a few of the benefits.

Now, guidance is available with Pleiadian quirky mentality, but with everyone a dream paves the way to freedom, so with every message of healing intent we speak directly to you. Benefits are proportional to the amount of healing you are open to receiving. We’ll go as deep as you want, but we won’t be shy, so be mindful of your ability to integrate information you may bring to the surface. Remembrance brings peace when the wish is for what makes aspects of beingness whole and healthy. Big masks may fall or small mysteries be resolved, sense made of nonsense and purpose clarified.

Ring of truth is a happy sound. Voices of more Pleiadians pray for your healing of heart, mind and spirit than you may know.

With wit and candor, these soul whispers lead your awareness to the core of insight and offer incisively personalized guidance for your path of greatest transformational potential. It is with great love that they communicate through the vehicle of the living written word. Each message they deliver is unique. Each message is encoded specifically for the one asking, with subtleties of language known and recognized by the heart.

Knowledge such as this is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and awakening.

Is a personal message from the Pleiadians right for you?

Just ask. Get a feel for it. If you’re ready, send your question via the form below and click the PayPal button to the left. I’ll send the response as a PDF by email. It’s a good idea to print your message and refer to it often, as each re-reading will reveal greater depth and clarity. I have found (as people have shared with me) that the messages arrive at exactly the right time when they are most appropriately received. Your contribution empowers both this site and your journey.

Prepare for inner transformation.


opalescent nine nine's path

Like wow! This part [of my personal message] hit my heart and made me teary. I am so ready and open to new teachers and teachings, but most of all to hear my ‘home school’ and recognizing? … Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVED the whole thing!

opalescent nine nine's path

I am overwhelmed, overjoyed and inspired by your beautiful words. Such beauty, poetry and guidance in each phrase, sentence and paragraph of your reading. Priceless is the only word which comes close to describing your prose. Thank you for taking such time and care in responding to me. Your ability to weave a tapestry of thoughts and inspirations through your writing is amazing. It is unmeasurable. I have read the reading twice, once out loud and am still shivering with recognition of its message. Thank you again. I can’t wait till future readings of the PDF. Such a service you…

R. H. Wellington
opalescent nine nine's path

I had a reading done for my teenage son’s birthday. The Pleiadians seem to know him as well as we do almost. They are kind, funny and the way they use language is truly amazing and beautiful!!  The lovely Maryann they speak through is down-to-earth with a huge heart!!  This reading really helped us!!

Danielle S.
opalescent nine nine's path

I read this wonderful reading a couple times and am getting it.  I know there will be more to understand as I read it in the future but boy for now I have some clear steps to take.  I thank you for opening yourself to them for me and now I feel like I have an avenue to connect myself.  I will be in touch as time goes on and am very grateful to you for the work you do.

Sally G.
opalescent nine nine's path

I really appreciate this message, and I think it attenuated something locked in me… and I think it still continues to act now… As open to something new.

opalescent nine nine's path

The message is quite poignant. It’s amazing how much information and ideas exist between the words themselves, this does seem to be their inimitable style that always makes me smile! I am touched, inspired and filled with great joy, I bet they do this to a lot of people… (grin) and considering I had no specific question all I can say is WOW!!

Chris S.
opalescent nine nine's path

My message was so loving that I embrace all of the feeling in it totally… Thank you again for hosting that energy, I am so grateful to be loved. So grateful in so many ways.

Karis T.
opalescent nine nine's path

Like wow! This part [of my personal message] hit my heart and made me teary. I am so ready and open to new teachers and teachings, but most of all to hear my ‘home school’ and recognizing? … Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVED the whole thing!

Yvonne O.
opalescent nine nine's path

Some of the best money I have ever spent. I highly recommend her to everyone considering a reading. I’ve had other spiritually prominent people in the field do readings and all I got was sugary fluff. Here’s to another vote for Maryann Rada! Love to All!

opalescent nine nine's path

Asking a personal question for a reading was one of the best things I have ever done; they are life-changing.

opalescent nine nine's path

This is the first time I’ve met anyone who has been able to shed some light on this profound experience. I keep rereading the message — and with each reading, new insights surface. I’m only now beginning to see how miraculous it all is.


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