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League of Light

We Are the League of Light

Long ago, in the history of human civilization in the swirling galaxy you call home, regions of space were undergoing different kinds of things. Some were settling into trade and interplanetary discourse, sharing knowledge and explorations. Some were dealing with the incursions of extra-galactic visitors of aggressive and overtly hostile character. Others were perfecting diplomatic agreements and learning ways to interact to the mutual benefit of all.

Within and among these goings-on were various levels of world-building, star-tending, space-exploring, and transpersonal activity. In short, it has been a busy galaxy full of terrestrial histories unfolding on myriad worlds, with myriad types of civilizations living and moving and thriving as best they could.

Because of the complexity of galactic history, suffice it to say that through the occurrence of inequality between worlds, on the basis of having to share resources and information, which was free for some but led into oppressive slavery for others, the call to OM was responded to in such a way that the essence of the League of Light was amassed and brought into being in the form of a cadre of beings who serve the light of awareness, understanding, wisdom, and freedom. Today, you are part of the extended family of lighted beings who serve the planetary sentience of Earth, together with those who call themselves the League of Light. You serve on the planet and others serve elsewhere in time and space. As one, we maintain the frequency of life which your planetary sentience calls forth to sustain all life upon and within the sphere of being.

This is the core mission of the League of Light.

As for our makeup, we together consist of people, whether that is human or other form, who live in service to the divinity that resides within all beings. In honoring love’s endless array of expression, we participate across a wide spectrum of activity, from birthing planets to fighting warships. You might find this odd, but to the warrior, to die in battle is the aim of living life. Even to the love of war in a star ranger’s heart, we respond when called. Among our crew and fleets of starships, you will find scientists and soldiers, linguists and logbook-makers, creators and timekeepers, and more. Most of the crew who communicate through this terrestrial agent (our writer) are of Pleiadian origin, but there are many worlds and civilizations represented and in communication with you now. We prepare for greater, broader, and more direct communication soon, as our ability to interact with the people of your planet is given greater inroads.

We have chosen to ingress the mental fields of Earth through the communications we transmit through the author of these pages. She is well known to us in this and other levels of being, and her multidimensional aspects have long been working with the people of Earth on our behalf, as one of our crew. She will be coming into greater service as your present history unfolds, so we ask you to support her in her work and help her in the terrestrial mission of the League of Light’s work through the creative devices you are, as human, most adept at using. Our role is shifting as Earth moves through her transformation, and the role of Earth humans in service is shifting as well. Support each other and stay in the knowledge of love’s highest calling.

We are with you always.


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