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Rare Naissance

Make More Noise on the Cord of OM’s Tether: Video Edition

Make More Noise on the Cord of OM's Tether: Joegil of the League of Light (Rare Naissance)
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“Humanity is changing, and this is a world-shifting event. However, humanity’s remarkable change is the result of individual changes taking place on the personal level. When sufficient changes have been effected, the whole of humanity shifts, history becomes rewritten, and a new world born. You see, there is no history-making happening without your own personal transformation happening. That is first and foremost.”

Joegil is more than just a Pleiadian commander of light; she is more than another one of the Temmerian crew communicating to us now. She is an aspect of soul of Maryann Rada, who relays this message to you, and is triangulating through time and blood code to speak now.

Discover more about Joegil and read the original written transmission on Nine’s Path here, at the Rare Naissance collection of messages:
and on WordPress:

Visit Nine’s Path to discover more about the League of Light, Pleiadian wisdom, and the presence of an expanded humanity with us now.

Music: Emergence (Bluemillennium mix) feat. Snowflake (CC BY 3.0):

Inspiration ignites
An invisible channel
That opens between machine
And Soul
Heaven through me
We merge like the star
Like the star
Whose golden cups paint the universe
We merge like the star
Her creation absolves time
We merge like the star
Whose golden cups paint the universe
We merge like the star
From conscious

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