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“Lightships” Release!!

A long, strange trip. Lightships has been waiting for release. That moment has arrived!

It started with a seed of a thought. Let’s figure out a way to bring the stories in Remembrance to life, through film. From that seed grew a dedicated team positioned uniquely in time and space to make it happen. A multidimensional event is about to break through. At long last, that idea of a film becomes reality. Lightships is released to the public on Friday, March 11!

As experiences go, the creation of this feature film has been one for the books. Literally. It’s been every bit as transformational for those involved in making it as it has been—and promises to be—for those watching it. After a delay with the rest of the world dealing with covid’s unexpected scene-stealing appearance, what you’ll see on screen will, we all hope, prove worth the wait. Even more meaningful at this point, to be honest, than it would have been had that delay not occurred.

I ask you to join me in thanks to all those who have worked and sacrificed so much to bring this film into being. It has been a labor of love for global awakening, to be sure, and has left none unaffected by the depth of meaning that (as you, dear reader, likely already know) comes with the territory of the League of Light.

Sneak preview: We’re about to start work on the second film of the trilogy! Oh yes, more goodness is on the way!


WHERE TO WATCH: The film will be released across all territories on Apple TV, Google Play Store, and Amazon. Login to your favorite source, find Lightships, gather some friends, and watch it together.

JOIN THE PARTY: Join the cast and crew for an online release party. Bring your questions and insights, and share in the afterglow of official launch. The release party is hosted on Clubhouse, which is a fabulous app for coming together live. There are two release parties planned. Join us! You’re welcome to drop in and out of the room as you like.

1st session – 8:30pm GMT UK – 2:30pm CST
2nd session – 0:00am GMT UK (11th to the 12th) – 6:00pm CST (11th)


EDIT: You can join the release party directly through the invite links below. You don’t need to download the Clubhouse app.

But if you want to try it out, the link to Clubhouse is here. I’ve just joined Clubhouse and have been exploring, and I have to admit it looks pretty cool. I’m looking forward to discovering and listening to more after the release party. But I digress…

Clubhouse is an audio-only meeting platform. Once you sign in, you’ll be asked to choose a few topics that interest you, and be offered ways to follow people who might appeal to you. If you’d like to connect with me there, I’m @speakingofnine.

To follow Lightships (and get into the release party convo), join the room at Lightships.

At this time, I don’t have plans to open a room for Nine’s Path, but just wait… that may well be forthcoming. News to follow…


Please join another ongoing chat at the Nine’s Path Official channel and chat on Telegram at As with the Facebook group, it’s best to keep it focused on what the League of Light has been sharing. However, as what they share touches on so much of every aspect of life, especially the time of transformation which we are eyeball-deep into now, bring your concerns and we can explore together how to discover the path of Nine in all things. Remember, there’s a Pleiadian Renegades group on Zero Point Station, which I expect will be rocking pretty soon, as that site readies for a wider audience.

At long last, 'Lightships' film is released on Friday, March 11! See it online, and join Clubhouse for an online release party w/cast & crew. #ninespath #lightshipsmovie #clubhouse Click To Tweet

Get the book that started it all! Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact

Amazon paperback & ebook

Digital download: e-book

Find out more about the timeline of the film’s production:

Nine’s Path articles official website

See the trailer:

My deepest gratitude to Bill Houston, Lois Temel, John Harrigan, Lucy Harrigan, the cast of F00lishPe0ple and the crew. Looking forward to the next phase!

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