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It’s Almost Time

A channeled message from Num’Shala

“Our time is fast approaching and our arrival will be felt far and wide. We  have inaudibly been observing the events unfold on your planet; and in despair with our brethren. There is a strong and accelerated movement that is fast approaching. The movement is of significant transformation. Ready or not, this will affect all on a level never before seen. You are to work on your hearts continuously, never ceasing!

Do not despair in the coming times. Do not lose hope. Do not forget that you are loved and cared for. We must go through the transformation in order to emerge on the other side of achievement. The times shall come to pass. A period of peace will enter thereafter, and then you shall know the power of our love and that which is inside you. You are to stay strong and pray. In every moment, PRAY!

Continuously spread words of Hope and Love. Pay close attention to your dreams and intuitive messages, as all will be heightened at this time. Knowledge given should be spread with love, not prideful or boastful. Be gentle with your brothers and sisters; not all will be accepting of the coming changes. You are to help guide them, not judge them.

We leave you now with our love and respect,

אהבה ואור

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