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Hope in Despair

A message of Hope and Love. Num’Shala speaks:

“It is with great pleasure that I come forth today, to bring you news of hope. The time has come for our intercession. This is a time we never anticipated, but our aching hearts are eager to assist. This time of great turmoil on your planet has been deemed irreversible by many. Deadened souls continue to sleep. Many with great disregard for life itself;  for your planet.

A great darkness has obscured the sight of many to the highest degree. You must understand that this cannot continue. Before the “Great Change” must come a replenishment; a purification. This purification process will aid in forward movement. But do not fear, we will be there with you every step of the way.

For those whom have awakened to the guiding truth, you will feel a “knowing” within that will guide you to safety. For others who have been chosen as such; you will aid in guiding many to safety. There where you will be; so will we. This is a time of great faith! Trust with all of your hearts that it has been written. For you will be guided and united with those alike. Connecting with one another at a conscious level.

Do not be afraid, for our love is poured out like flooding waters unto you. We shall return!”

Our Love to all humanity,


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