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Life through Multidimensional Transitions

From the start, the journey may seem complex. We must rely on ourselves for the Divine truth of where we’re from and where we are going. I present to you an insight into the understanding of connecting and reaching the powerful State of Nine.

Multidimensional Transitions: Past, Present, Future

We are here (Earth) beginning with a total state of singularity. We then enter a portal into the joyful prying of perception. Like babies, we open our eyes for the first time. As we enter yet another dimension, we are now able to make choices that make changes allowing us to, in essence, do what we want. This is the past. We now leave this “Dissimilarity Matrix” and find ourselves at a point of intersection (Point Zero), between polarities of charge (+ and -). This intersection represents all the love energy there is. Everything that is perfection draws from here. It is the perfect balance. From here, you will enter a plane in which you feel whole and complete. You are now awake and conscious of it. As our conscience grows awakening occurs and are now surrounded by neatness and utmost beauty. We are present and have now moved beyond there (Your Soul).

There now appears to be a “Gap“, or a distance between matrices. We learn here how to maintain ourselves in a fourth and fifth dimensional state of mind. Once we are able to measure the differences and similarities between our world and that of others, we enter a portal into the “Superconscious plane“. Here is where we will transform our “Old Self” into our “New Self”, and awaken to our full soul purpose. This cluster of dimensions allow us to travel back and fourth in time. Similar, but not quite the same, we enter a portal of different initial conditions. Here, one is able to create any reality they want. We are now entering a state of Oneness with all of creation. The surrounding light here is Gold and White. From here, new forms of life come to be. High levels of manifestations and Angelic phenomena will occur. And so we now enter the past, present, and future.

A place where only love energy exists. We are covered in Opalescent coloring as we enter this Multidimensional state. Here resides the Most High, OM, the way, the truth, and life. I dare to say that all of these planes are accessible portals that live within our DNA (Here). There we will find all the known wisdom and knowledge there is to know. The full essence of life resides within us all.

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