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Galactic History


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Snapshots of experience, loosely chronicling early humans’ escape from the destruction of Lyra, their evasion through dispersal from intergalactic marauders, and to their settlement on other worlds. The focus is on those who made their way to the Pleiades star system. The writings are purposely short to allow full appreciation of the events and draw you into the timespace with its uncertainty and chaotic shredding effect on the psyche, into a deeper understanding of the human story embedded within our own. Begin your exploration of galactic history here.


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What lay in the hearts and minds of those involved in the ancient galactic wars? How did the human soul figure into the equation of the balance of power? More centrally than you might have thought… Dive into the saga and follow the soul-eaters as they chase their prey, and see how galactic humans eluded them.

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