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On the trail of the origins of galactic humans…

Nine's Path Core Access galactic history origins
Snapshots of experience, loosely chronicling the origins of galactic humans’ escape from the destruction of Lyra, their evasion through dispersal from intergalactic marauders, and to their settlement on other worlds. The focus is on those who made their way to the Pleiades star system.

The writings are purposely short to allow full appreciation of the events and draw you into the timespace with its uncertainty and chaotic shredding effect on the psyche, into a deeper understanding of the human story embedded within our own.

1/ Territorial Topography

Random circuits would offer the best means of evading pursuit, but certain courses could provide greater promise. Thus, the human refugees contacted the publics of those worlds where they were less likely to be tracked. Among these were several which were close to access for other aspects of universal expression. Simply put, they aimed for […]

2/ The Human Frailty

When the population from the Lyran system fled, it was with a great history and enduring sense of self that they went. Of course, they were fleeing destruction, so more had to be carried in their memory than could be carried in their hands. What they did not bring, they reconstructed from what they remembered, […]

3/ Beginning a New Home World

Far away from native skies, humans set foot on land unlike any other their feet had trodden before. The vault of stars above their heads told a new tale, one that they would in time weave into a new story of their past. From those stars, they would begin to discern their future, one vastly […]

4/ The Peaceful People: Lyran Civilization

The roots of galactic human civilization, including that of Earth as you know it, are essentially Lyran. With variations slight or large, all truly human civilizations can consider that their present culture and rituals derive from the stars of Lyra. No other civilization has had the same level of formative impact on the planetary cultural […]

5/ World of Home: Lyran Civilization

From one thought, whole worlds can come into existence. So it is with many worlds which sustain civilizations, your own among them. The worlds of the stars of Lyra likewise came into being in response to the thought, arising from within the core of divine expression itself, is love endless? Is love all? These are […]

6/ In the Interstellar Space Lay 7 Sisters

Upon the evasion of tracking by those marauders who lay in pursuit of those who had escaped Lyra’s destruction, the various fleets began to come to the conclusion that they would have to settle somewhere hospitable. While the diaspora carried them broadly across the reaches of their galactic neighborhood, thus ensuring at least partial survival […]

7/ From Sun to Stars

Judging from the probabilities encountered by the Lyran refugees upon their escape into what they hoped would be untraceable space, to arrive with a sizeable contingent within reach of hospitable worlds could be considered unlikely at best. Humans have changed little in one regard over the countless millennia of their presence; they know that making […]

8/ Be Back Soon

Pushed beyond the edge of familiarity, the Lyran refugees contemplating their next move gathered to discuss their options. One among them, Ro Bian, offered to make the journey to the first planet with a covert transport vessel. From it, he could draft surveillance notes and begin empathic connection to the planetary sphere. Given the urgency […]

9/ Jumping into the Field of Play

Once the signal was received on board the starships that quarter would be given, the refugees prepared for disembarkation onto new shores. The expanse of space between them and their point of origin had reached its limit, and a new world beckoned them to call it home. None of their personnel had made their final […]


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Core Access chronicles the origins of galactic humans, pulled through from the ancient mind of Joegil, a Pleiadian commander of light… and an aspect of my soul. Find out more here.

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