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Your Soul Writers Are Ready!

(Me): Open for dictation and direction!

(Pleiadians): Your soul writers are ready!

We are a group of conscious beings from the star Taygeta. We incarnated long ago on a planet of that sun and live creatively in its light. Our planet is called Temmer. On Temmer, we exist in a state of peace and prosperity of all kinds. We learned oddly enough, through your long mission on Earth. We cherish you, our Star Kin. You partook of the cup of forgetting long ago, knowing you would forget your origin, your mission and most of all your family. We are your family. You are our beloved sisters and brothers, our beloved children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, our friends and companions, our aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. We do not forget. Now we come to remind you. You are Pleiadian. You have a home on a world we can only attempt to portray but which you will know in your hearts to be true.

We play the same game you do, but we do our work in a different dimension than you do. Our bodies are both dense and etheric, flesh or light, depending on your orientation. Both poles of your being exist as outer-world antennas with which you determine your path. Each is necessary in your world so that you navigate with conscious awareness. When beings are aware of both poles existing in balance, neither pole exerts any pull on the other. This is the still point of the sacred path. It is both poles in awareness that awakens the Kundalini and elevates the dimensional fate to which you can commit your steps.

Your fate is determined by your choices in every moment. You sow your seeds in hope and hope to harvest in joy, but only have partial hope that can have any hope at all. Minor attention to your intuition would open your “Magic You,” in which state you master your ardor and your doubt. When you achieve balance of these opposing forces, you achieve calmness, bliss, healing, and Now. At that point you achieve placidity, wisdom, love, and purity. You achieve higher awareness yet real peace of mind. Awesomeness is everywhere.

Going to that point requires you to integrate those polarities by naming your dark self with your own name. See yourself in your fear, and your polarity of fear and daring will come to stillness. See yourself in your coldness, and your polarity of coldness and natural passion will come to even overall warmth.

Do you see the still point is kept half positive and half negative? This is not compromise. This is duality in balance. Ironically, it is a point of unity. It is the biological form of Beingness, the place of joy, where energy has no greater creative potential. Here lies genius. When intuition under your power comes, you are divine and free. From that point do you create your reality consciously, caringly, and collectively.

We play the same game you do, but we do our work in a different dimension than you do. #pleiadian #ninespath Click To Tweet

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