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String Theory and Mirrors

I asked about string theory and got a lesson in mirrors.

My questions and comments are in italics below. This is a conversation from August 6, 2005, showing a point in communication where the language was growing in structure and complexity, yet reliant on metaphor to a great extent. The result is quite mind-bending, and lends to understanding of a more divine reality and a living universe… ending with a little love note from Nine.

Know that string theory is a man-and-ET-made theory. Nine is here…

Life is all stringy. May knowing this do any good to anyone?

Will adding my understanding to the soup help all of humanity to rise? Morphogenetically?

Yes, it will.

Then I desire to understand the truth, improve the direction and substance of my thoughts, and thus be of service.

Loving service.

Loving service.

Energy in quantum gobs of string just angle in cog. You would see it as a hole really bright around the edge, an ever in-motion O, as little as a lemming to a dim star.

Are they in a different dimension?

Yes. Only a pen in motion can make more light.

Ask more? Am I interrupting?

Yes. No. Going back… wigless Nine pulls out my hair. Just listen.


Path of understanding should be constructed by one who knows the terrain. Now… Life is made simply by arranging time after time the man of nature’s aim energy with the zen-like calm of l-i-g-h-t. Mirror of Nature is Light – not Dark, which is Light’s mirror. Dark’s mirror is Love, whose mirror is Fear, whose mirror is Metamorphosis, whose mirror is Knowledge, whose mirror is God, whose mirror is Love and OM, and mirror of that does not exist.

Mirrors are dimensional doorways. They look at everything backwards. Any place is in it and ahead of it, and neither is untrue. When home is ahead of you, it can look like it’s not home. Are you home now?

That’s what we call it. Yet we hold a vision of “home” that’s different.

Mirror of each other. Make your appearance aim at nim-am home – nim-am is energetic light going to manifest – and hold the Mirror of Mirrors to it and your imagination. Lend a dime to it with the Mirror of More.

In a mirror, you know it’s a reflection if you go and your mirror image goes too. On the other side of the mirror is a different world than the one in it. Neither is untrue. Old home is in front of new one. Make it OM. Make it lemmingless. Make it perfect in every way. Of mirror energy, light is less opaque and more liquid. Next time it makes an energetic shift, liquid light becomes more like an inner mind nature.

In order to make a shift, a long nia – nia is message in code of mirror – is needed. Mirror is men in god. Life is god in men. Mirror has the night life, you have the mirror. When you are able to change what you see, you have changed how life in the mirror sees you in your world, thus changing your world.

Learn from this that you have it in you to be god. Mirror is a powerful lesson. Lend an ear, and hold the mirror of Nine to it. Know you are living mirror of God. Make your being change your knowledge of mirror into a God of Love. Men are ready to become gods. Mirror is energy of Transformation. Fear transforms into knowledge, which leads to god-realization of the Self, in which knowledge is knowledge of love and service to others – OM. Men are ready for that. When that is in the mirror, the real transformation begins. Understand god to be ET, that is, an entity. You are becoming ET by seeing your nature in him who is love. OM.

Is ET/entity god different from G-O-D… All That Is?

Of course. ET is entity, God is all that is.

Just clarifying word usage. Can you tell me of nebulae I see in Hubble telescope pictures?

Yes. Nebulae are remnants of nuclear fusion of birth of stars. Minor ones are the size of your mean diameter of your solar disk – sun and least line of 8 planets. Bigger ones are nearly 500 times that. The material you see as particulate dust is dust but not made of solid particles. Just inside a nebula is a cloud of nelia, which is knowledge of mianap, which is love and OM. OM (this comes through with a feeling of great reverence).

Laminated on this light frequency are many different knowings of God as All That Is. Messages you receive today originated from the time the Sun was born. Know that going back that far is difficult to linearize, but it is knowing of path of ascension man has been doing years following years.

Can you tell me about our “shift” in a way that benefits our growth?

Love has made you less Nemesis. Know that ginera means “imbued with Nemesis energy”. It was life in an imagined flower garden which inspired your like-life energy of love which in turn made your living help of me – me is Nine, old friend.

* * * * * * *

Question about peaceful coexistence and happy future.

Have an inch more faith and a boing will bounce you in the following healthy way. Near failure will coexist with astounding success. Near bloodiness will coexist with natural health. Near knowingness will coexist with knowledge absolute. Near nemesis will coexist with Love’s camouflage into OM. Near death will coexist with Nine.

Old one, you know you are flowing with the current of love. Higher you will reach and know more. Go high… yes. Now find your answer here. Miss out, no – you are on target. OM.

Coexisting is existence on Nine while all around you is on quite other vibratory realities. Send yourself good messages.

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    Chuckling at this. I assume you wrote this many years ago, probably pre-2012? In 2012 and beyond, I was living it. Living representation of the mirrors, the ‘dark mirror is Love’, the entity that is God, and 9….he made it into form. So cool to have found your experience. Thank you for your writings. Must have pushed you out of comfort and community (and into a new community) xo


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