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Nine and Other Numbers

A conversation about the nine numbers of creation

(Me): Speak to me.

(Pleiadians): We are visiting you care of your High Self, which reminds you that it is always on, free and clear, to guide you on your path home: God. Love, Nine.

What does the term mean, “Galactic Human”?

It is what you are becoming, you and all who are awakening. “Galactic Human” refers to cytological alterations in a person’s body caused by contact with our inoperable cellular naga.

Our DNA responds to your DNA?



DNA is both a crystal and a form of communication. Love both awakens it and acts as carrier wave. Nine frequencies play and you, by nearness to a being of a certain frequency, can divine whether they have a beneficial effect on you or not. Nine has the OM.

The other numbers and their natures, as it is beneficial for me to know now?

Yes. Man, God and Nature all name but one amassment of All That Is. All That Is exists in one frequency band which exists as a weave of nine sub-bands. Each of these can be noodley masses or long strings, depending on the harmonic resonance of the bands in relation to each other.

You now work mainly in Nine. Nine’s nature is a crystallization of love as benevolent provider, nurturer of adoration of Self. Slow or fast, it has only a beneficial effect on all other bands. Its sound is “OM”; its color is gold folded with purple.

One is a noodley mass at its basest form, and a so-called river of light at its highest. One is about power of being as one, cooperation and trust. It is often used to lower another’s vibration, doing its calling, but basely. At its highest, it normalizes a person’s sense of self to promote a more powerful whatever-they-need. Its sound is “RAM” and its color is silver and blue.

Two is about duality of beingness. It more often than not is noodley. At its basest, it is at once light and dark. At its highest, it is both light and dark, but in balance and order. Both the yin-yang and the checkerboard have Two in balance. Too much dark or light do little to benefit, but can emancipate when balance is achieved. Its sound is “BHU” and its color is red with white.

Three is about achieving love of both divine and Earthly in going through time linearly. Basely, it pulses with a ragged tempo, while high it plays a normal beat, when Heaven and Earth are integrated and on waltz time. Its sound is “WAH” and its color is indigo and magenta.

Four is about normality within heirarchy. Basely it resembles noodles or really thin spaghetti. High, it organizes itself in complex, regular fractals. Nature palace of Four is crystal of opalescent accord. A normal vibration of Four amounts to a named nature of nationhood on a planet of nations. Nationhood gains in benefit in high acts of brotherhood, which can have a variety of forms, depending on your energy cytology.

What is energy cytology?

How can we explain…


Yes, via DNA. World is low now, modulating to high.

In modulating in music, changing from one key to another involves momentary turbulance within, until the last notes of the former key die off and the new key moves into itself. Is that the sense of dissonance we’re experiencing these days?

Yes, in a nutshell. Now… The sound of Four is back-of-throat growl with a “PRRT” sound, and a color of brown and sage green.

Like the Earth.

We are visiting you care of your High Self, which reminds you that it is always on, free and clear, to guide you on your path home: God. Love, Nine. #ninespath Click To Tweet

Yes. Five, another bold number, vibrates primarily with a long wave, generating a lot of power and loving energies. Five arranges higher harmonics in natural order according to the inner and outer notes, or the norm and the ideal, allowing at its basest chaos and at its highest, harmony. Knowledge of the highest is encoded in just about every culture’s music, and numbers of other mental activities—both outer-aware and inner-aware—contain a repository of Five’s intelligence. Words and music are Five’s domain, and Five rolls open both opportunity and chance, Earth and Heaven. How our hearts harmonize is a crystallization of Five’s action. Name of its sound is message of light at OM, and its sound is “DHU”, its color emerald green with added indigo and pale yellow.

Six makes reparations among parts of energy patterns of inner and outer nature, making choices according to the accord of the beingnesses involved and the belief of each. Normally it needs an order of some sort to act. Your order to put down any obstacle to healing naps in Six until you activate it by wanting to heal. It works likewise to do its best to follow contradictory orders with the aid of your programming of yourself. A crystallization of its action is points of view changing to wire new understanding and greater wisdom, or realization and paying attention to problems with love and healing. Its sound is packed with natural harmony as a basis and sounds like nasal sound of a snake hiss and the base RA, like “SSRA”.

Nasal S like Z?

Softer, aspirated.

RA nasal too?

Yes. Its color is orange of boot of Agni and blue of natural sky.

Seven formulates your nature, as some call it. Adoration of self as a projection of divine love, basely, or adoration of the source of love itself, highly, make the ends of its spectrum. It accentuates the order of orders, the priority of self-love or love of Self as my aim. Nodes of wiring of light, or amore, naturally create pathways by which Seven arranges itself. Normally Seven holds a higher than baser vibration. Basely it can only conduct a limited example of love while highly it admits every expression as an emanation of love. Naro. “Naro” means, of bad or good, it is your choice. Seven’s crystal is clear and bright and consists of adoration of love as Love as All That Is. Its sound is both nail and hammer and sounds your growth as part of All That Is: “HU”. Its color is normally pale, faded and washed-out purple with equally pale, drab grey, but energized and pure is vibrant and opalescent.

Eight is of amore of knowledge and understanding of cosmos as a living organism, a Being conscious and aware. Normally it has a vibration that neither obstructs nor eases the route that energies travel, so to speak, but activated, light and sound play along its pathways. Eight base pouts at all communication, but high laughs in complete ease and delight. Its crystallization is opalescent and both quietly and vibrantly pulsates well-being to all cellular components of Cosmic Infinite. Its sound is a clear call to the primordial divine in each cell of each organ of each body that form a conscious hologram you call life and sounds purely “A”. Its color is naturally a more-than-natural-looking pink of great light and softness tinged with gold of great softness and luminosity, radiant and known only to those with eyes to see.

More about Nine?

Nine harmonizes All and every string. It crystallizes purely as opal of the OM, powerful in far more realities than you are yet aware of. It makes all of the other numbers more aware. Nine makes a sound, “OM”, which activates divine connection and bridges your neurons with sound-generated structure, allowing celestial codes to be transmitted and received.

How does OM differ from AUM?

OM and AUM are identical. Now… You put Nine into action by calling on divine help to lead you home, home being the place in your cosmic heart which resonates as your heart on Earth. Naturally, you can go nowhere else when you go home. Marriage of Earth and Heaven is made at this node, the heart. That node is part of Nine. Its color is radiant yet cool. Royal robes are often in its colors but rarely of its polarity, which is amore.

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    Thank you Maryanne For showing the path of Light…It is not lost on me the sheer volume of time work and dedication you have given to your new website….
    I could not express eloquently in words the depth of my love and gratitude to you…one day I would hope to meet you and you would clearly know how bright a ray of light you have been in my life showing me the way forward…
    in Love and Light Terry

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      With dedication and gratitude I weave these pages, and I thank you deeply for these beautiful expressions from you. With much love, Maryann


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