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Handwriting Examples and Messages

Each of the contacts I have has a characteristic frequency “feeling”, and a characteristic handwriting. Some are slanted forward, some backward, some are very loopy, some very square. The printing is notable for how it is formed: the pen begins always on the baseline, and the letter traced upward, and usually backward from where I am accustomed to it tracing.

Anica’s handwriting is also notable. She is the most present figure among the contact points I have within and beyond the League of Light for the simple fact that she is related directly by DNA, and is, as she describes it, my “chosen future perfected self.” Her handwriting fills the space between lines completely, with big, looping curves and a distinctively forward-driving energy as the pen moves across the paper. I can hear her writing in the rhythmic scratching of the pen on paper as much as I can see it threading its way across the pages.

Handwriting Examples

Handwritten Messages

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