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Celestial Navigation on Nine’s Path

The other evening, during our regular “chat,” the Men of Light casually said they’d like me to build them a page on the website.

The Men of Light have been prolific of late, so it’s only natural that their presence be highlighted now. As they are more celestial and angelic than extraterrestrial, their collection of transmissions finds a natural home in the Higher Orders section of the Nine’s Path website.

This presented me with a challenge… which I chose to see as an opportunity. Rather than merely add a page, why not make the section more useful, more appealing and inviting? As I started in, I quickly realized I’d need to also have a page for each of the other sources of celestial transmission in the Higher Orders section. So, I got to work. With an update to the main League of Light page, you can now quickly and easily find both the League of Light crew and, in Celestial Navigation, their angelic counterparts:

Each of the pages in Celestial Navigation features a brief introduction, descriptions in their own words, recent blog posts with links to more, samples of graphics for transmissions with a link to the image gallery, and a video library for browsing and viewing all in once place.

I invite you to visit this new section and see what’s there. Maybe there’s something you’ve missed, or something that catches your eye anew. Remember: you can download and share the graphics!

This is one of many upgrades I’m doing to make the Nine’s Path website an ever more useful tool for you as the days of transformation intensify. I’ve got more planned. And maybe if you take a look around, you’ll see some of the tidying up and streamlining that’s already done.

And boy is the Pleiadian Renegades Facebook group taking off! If you haven’t already joined, why not drop by? It’s a focused, vibrant, friendly, intelligent, and welcoming group.

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