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DMs from the League of Light

Instructions from on high: Create a new space for the League of Light’s latest material. In brief, it’s called LOL DMs. That’s right: League of Light Direct Messages. Catchy, isn’t it?

You know how the Men of Light have been acting as go-betweens lately, for both the League of Light and the Order. I’ve mentioned this, but it’s really very interesting how it works. When either the LOL or the Order (or any of the crew) have something to say, they step forward and say it, in no uncertain terms, clearly, succinctly, and then step back. Then the Men of Light resume with any supplementary info, clarifications, and then on with their own communications. That might be a transmission to share, answers to questions I haven’t even formulated yet, or instructions on what needs to be done next (usually with an admonition to please rest a bit, too).

In keeping with that last thing, recently the MOL said, make a new section within the collection of messages for the League of Light, just for the new comms that have been coming through since the middle of this year. At about the midpoint of 2020, the LOL came roaring back online with potent brief transmissions. Just in time for the seemingly calculated disintegration of reality as we knew it. Similar in length to what was coming through from the other sources, and similarly lending themselves to graphic format, these messages seemed out of place within the Luminous Dimensions collection of longer, more flowing prose.

According precisely to their dictates, the new section is now online: League of Light Direct Messages, or LOL DMs. Of course, you know there’s going to be some lighthearted twist from this bunch 😏 In fact, the title is pretty phenomenal. These new messages are like bulletins designed to keep us in touch with the cosmic chain of events without distracting us from reality. They give just enough kernel material for reflection, something to chew on, a firm piece of thought to lean on as we maneuver through the latest twist in current events. They help us, with surgical precision, to attend to our higher and better selves as we move deeper into the process of what many call “ascension”, “evolution”, “becoming”.

Because they are brief, I am able to collect them in a set of graphics, designed as tools for you to use as you see fit. For the LOL DMs, you’ll find two sizes for most of the messages: a square one for Instagram-style posts, and a rectangular one suited to the dimensions used by Facebook and Twitter. Between the two, you should find them eminently shareable on most any social media you frequent. And I encourage you to download them for just that purpose. Be the hands that extend the love the LOL drenches us with. Of course, you’re welcome to use them for your personal use as well, for meditation, reflection, inspiration.

As a tool, you might find them unsurpassed, in connection with breath and centering, for easing the anxiety of these turbulent days. Writes one person from the Pleiadian Renegades Facebook group:

I have taken all of your transmissions and shared them in my messenger. When I feel this arise, I read through the calm soothing words and know that everything is as it should be and I am on the right track. The last thing that I do before falling asleep is read one or two of them. This ensures a restful sleep.

I post these messages on Nine’s Path (now on the new Direct Messages page), and on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, and a smattering of other spots here and there. A video usually follows at some point, though I do try to get that done as quickly as possible… at least before the next transmission comes! They follow hot on the heels of each other, it seems.

To get notification as soon as they’re posted, sign up to follow Nine’s Path. You’ll get an automatic email immediately with every published post, as soon as it’s posted. Each post has the full transmission typed out, and a downloadable image, as well as links to the image gallery (where you’ll find all the new graphics), latest posts, the YouTube channel, and (for tips, gratitude, and monthly contributions). Thank you to everyone for your presence, feedback, and support!

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