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Expanding Roles in the Community

As we Renegades stand on the edge of change as members of a global humanity, we also are watching things shift in our community. A film is coming out, with more creative projects in the pipeline through Bill’s GHRL initiative. Our social media nest is primed to morph in response to broader shifts across the www… stay tuned and enthused, because things will be getting better, broader, and more delightful for Nine’s Path. As a cohesive unit, we can adapt and thrive, and I for one am looking forward to that.


In preparation for those changes, we have a more cohesive team at the helm of this platform. These staunch allies will guide us safely through growth and into new space, all while maintaining the sanctity that so many of you have graciously expressed as your reason for sticking around here. All the while, the Pleiadian Renegades themselves remain present.

While I move into the role the League of Light has in mind for me, you’ve noticed some of those changes already. Never missing a beat but rising to find the core spirit embedded in Nine’s Path, diving further into it, and finding yet more. To that end, Bill Houston has been working here as moderator and even more behind the scenes to bring into development some really cool stuff (the least of which, as producer, you’ll soon see when the film Lightships is released within months, ably brought into being by a devoted and uber-talented crew). Brooke Higgins joins Bill as moderator to manage growth and maintain a respectful and resilient community, and Anahita Dunn will be more present as a guide and facilitator of conversations and the Nine’s Path experience, as people unfamiliar with the website, books, and background gather more and more.

To the many who have been part of this journey thus far, you know who you are and how much I love you all (if you don’t, you ought to!). Hang tight and be ready to be part of what comes next. I rely on your presence as the core of all this isness that the League of Light, the Pleiadian Renegades, and all who have spoken through these pages for so long now. Their presence continues, and will intensify as we, along with the rest of the world, move through these days of transformation. I’m so grateful for the presence of everyone here. Now, let’s see what happens next! You won’t want to miss a moment of it.

Want more conversation? Visit the official Pleiadian Renegades Facebook group.

Our social media nest is primed to morph in response to broader shifts across the www. Things will be getting better, broader, more delightful. #ninespath #pleiadianrenegades Share on X

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