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Nine’s Path on Telegram

As one world disintegrates, another opens. We’re covered, with a bridge for Nine’s Path on Telegram.

While the future of social networking looks somewhat uncertain, I’m making spaces for Nine’s Path to expand. Besides Zero Point Station, which is yet nascent and undergoing the internal changes requisite for opening big-time to a broader public, Facebook has been and continues to be the main center of community activity and social networking for us. Yes, there’s some activity as well on YouTube, Minds, and Ko-fi, but as far as having a space for us to land should Facebook finally fold, there hasn’t been. Until now.


TelegramOpening a new channel on Telegram for us to gather has been a plan for a while now. It’s been set up and waiting for some time now. I finally got the green light to open it for all who wish to continue conversations there. You’ll find updates and news, and I invite you to check in, comment, and join the chat. If you’re already on Telegram, it’s an easy click to join. If you haven’t yet explored this platform, I find it to be pretty fantastic, really. Lots to explore, and now the addition of Nine’s Path makes it even sweeter. Sweet freedom!


First, you’ll need the free app, which you can download on phone or laptop. Check the Telegram website at to get the right download for your device. Then follow the instructions for signing up with a username and phone number, and you’re set! You might want to see which of your connections are already on Telegram and start networking.

Once you’re in, find Nine’s Path Official channel at This will feature posts, and comments will show up on the Nine’s Path Chat. As with the Facebook group, it’s best to keep it focused on what the League of Light has been sharing. However, as what they share touches on so much of every aspect of life, especially the time of transformation which we are eyeball-deep into now, bring your concerns and we can explore together how to discover the path of Nine in all things.


I’ve been using Telegram for some time now, both for personal interaction in groups and one-to-one with friends, to follow groups and scope out news. The platform isn’t censored as are Facebook and Twitter. Rather, it’s encrypted and secure, and feels much more free and fluid than other apps, such as WhatsApp or Messenger. Not to mention the fantastic selection of stickers, lol… always nice to add some emotion to the words. No ads, no invasive Big Brother. From what I can see, it’s a renegade way to go, as the world of social media requires us to look beyond the confines of what we’ve been using thus far.

The Telegram channel will be mainly for updates and news, new posts and chit-chat. Remember, there’s a Pleiadian Renegades group on Zero Point Station, which I expect will be rocking pretty soon, as that site readies for a wider audience.

But maybe the biggest reason for it is so we don’t lose touch with each other.

Not knowing what’s to come, with rumors of Facebook et al. being unplugged, Meta being a massive farce, and disillusionment (and irritation) driving people away from the mainstream platforms, using Telegram as an alternative space for our group just makes sense. I’m not alone at constant errant fact-checking, shadow banning, and the threat of FB jail forcing us to parse our words. I’m not alone in finding Telegram to be a totally viable alternative for keeping our connections active and safe. Consider it a bridge to Zero Point Station, and a point for expanding your exploration of Now. Let’s meet up there, and keep as many connections alive as possible.

Opening a channel on Telegram for us to gather has been a plan for a while now. Green light, we're going live with it! Meet up and stay in touch, freestyle. #ninespath #telegram #newsocialnetwork Share on X

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