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Midweek Signal: New Group Feature

Wednesday signals a new opportunity to engage

Today marks the beginning of something I’ve been asked to begin, specifically on the Pleiadian Renegades community: Midweek Signal. Every Wednesday, I’ll post something from the Nine’s Path website on the Facebook group and discuss an aspect of it, just to kick-start discussion and discovery. There’s so much, and the team is emphatic in their desire that this material be brought into the group’s conversation.


Today, then, just “randomly” we’ll start with a passage from Theo, originally posted in November, 2015 (“Never a Time for Making Believe”). I’ll leave the link for you to explore further, as you wish. There are many more shiny nuggets of gold to be found in the rest of the message, triggers or treasures as they may be.

“You are here, now, to bring to a point of culmination what your soul has been perfecting over lifetimes; you carry within your soul memory the codes that can bring your entire race into equilibrium with planetary movements toward experiencing total change… There are many who present stories that contradict the ‘truths’ that have been given to you. Listen to them and let your innate intelligence separate the eventual truth from the stories you have been taught to believe. Now is the time to challenge history with a clear head and open heart. You have no reason to believe in the future you’re being prepared to accept as inevitable if it is merely an extension of a sequence of carefully crafted lies.”


You haven’t found this website, or the group, by accident; if you have, it’s likely that it was placed on your path because of a resonance that draws you toward what offered there can nourish your emergence into your greater self. This is the purpose of the website, built by a person acting as an extension of the League of Light’s conscious intent. It is the purpose of the Pleiadian Renegades Facebook group, alive in its own right as a conscious organism exploring reality at a moment of time at which our combined awareness can contribute to a shift that benefits the whole. And on it goes, holographically, from a kernel of divine intent through the various emanations which take form, and action.

The greatest action you can take may not be to act at all, but to turn your attention inward and change reality from there. Holographically, it is immensely powerful. This is something readily experienced through working through any level of releasing the program, as so many have shared. Every sharing of that kind of experiences can benefit all, limitlessly. Such a shedding of belief is presented in other paragraphs of Theo’s message as a midweek signal; please explore them to understand further what that method is about. It is a robust practice that enhances the ability to recognize truths, lies, and what had been accepted as either that may be, in fact, its opposite.

The more I learn, the more I see I don’t know. Is this not true for anyone? If we’re honest, it is… not so much if we’re fooling ourselves into the comfortable space of “being right”. Conversation cannot ensue following such a brutal point of punctuation. History is not what we have been taught, and theories about the why and wherefore of that abound. So too with the future. Clarity is vital.


Please share your thoughts on this first midweek signal, or the idea of exploring Nine’s Path in this way. What do you read in this passage? What do you see in the full text that triggers awareness? What thoughts arise for you? If you’d like to join in the conversation, please visit the group. I vet carefully, so be sure to include in your join request a note that you follow this material. We strive to maintain focus on sharing material and discussion on topics relevant to what you find on this website, rather than having it be a catch-all for a broader range of topics, for which there already exist a lot of more general-interest groups.

Thank you to all who contribute to the site!

Midweek Signal: At the LOL's direction, every Wednesday I'll post a passage from the website to the FB group to kick-start discussion and discovery. #ninespath #midweeksignal Share on X

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