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Mission Update: You Are Here

Recently, the LOL asked me to throttle down the mass of text coming through on a weekly basis. More streamlined and as powerful as ever. And now an extra set of hands is here to keep things running smoothly.

The League of Light is pretty specific in their directions given, when it comes to what they’d like me to do. The site itself is evidence of that, as are the books (more on that in a bit). As frustrating as how “soon” can sound like “whenever, maybe in an eon”, what they give me to do, I follow to the letter. The results are typically met with comments from readers like you that evidence how well-timed and effective those changes are.

So it is with the rate of Nine’s Word messages going from twice-weekly to once, now delivered on Mondays. Likewise with the LOL’s transmissions going from quasi-regular narratives (in the Luminous Dimensions collection) being distilled into a new format, LOL DMs (direct messages). A new DM is set to be posted momentarily, so keep an eye out for that.

I’m sensing a distinct streamlining of my efforts. They are just as big, in their way, but somehow less dense. This is fitting, looking at the amount of data we’re processing on any given day from the general state of the world. Shorter, more coded messages work subconsciously and provide perfect doses for effective contemplation. Hence, too, the addition of graphics to enhance your experience of the text.

The Pleiadian Renegades Facebook group has hit its stride, growing into a vibrant, active, cohesive community. With that increase of activity, plus two new pages (Nine’s Path and Core Matrix Change), on top of driving forward my own deeply changing mission with them, I needed an extra set of hands to help steer for the eventuality that I go offline to tend to that. Read more on that in the post “Hiatus,” here.

Having no idea what’s coming next, but dutifully following the LOL’s directive, I introduced a moderator to the group. He’s here to help keep posts focused and new members up to date. Next time you visit, say a little hello to Bill. He’s a trusted friend with a deep understanding of the mission of Nine, the catalyst behind the Lightships film, totally committed to whatever the crew have in mind. He’ll be maintaining the flow if/when I am otherwise offline, but he’s already at work ensuring a steady and fulfilling community experience. In other words, he’s got my back. And yours.

If this sounds cryptic to you, please know it does to me, too. But, that’s the way the LOL crew communicate sometimes. There’s a big mission underway with them as well as with us, crewmembers of Spaceship Earth. We have a lot to contend with, foremost of which is delving into the secrets of Nine amid the craziness all around us. It’s our job to find love where we least expect it, and nourish it. No small feat, but this is what we were born for. It’s good to know we have each other’s back, helping guide awareness to the heart.

I’m here to serve in whatever way I’m called to the awakening of humanity, and what comes after and beyond. You who are reading these words, thank you for being here. I’m thrilled to be meeting more people who have been silently reading, some for many years, who are just now stepping forward to say hello. The time is coming for our network of light to really shine the love we have held in trust for lifetimes… a core understanding we have curated and nurtured through eons of experience.

While I’m gushing about how wonderful you are, I’ll say how much I appreciate your presence, your comments, the thoughtful notes, the support that comes in so many ways. I’ve audaciously dared to follow the LOL’s lead; knowing the work has impacted so many makes every moment of doubt, every leap of faith confirm that it’s worth the everything it’s asked of me, and more. Let’s see what’s next!

The pulsation grows stronger, the presence of the Pleiadians and others who serve grows nearer. So do we. We’re all here for each other. Thank you, I love you, and I pray for us and all worlds to know peace in love.

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