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Nine, Cycles, and Things to Come

Today, I mark a few points of rebirth. Seems an auspicious time to do so.

It’s my birthday, and this year I turn 54. I love the 9 multiples, as they settle so well in the big picture. For one thing, for 9 months this year, my brothers and I will each be of age a multiple of nine: 54, 63, and 72. Today’s the 27th, also a 9. Even the hour and minute I was born adds to nine. That’s a lot of synchrony, so I’d sort of expect this to be and auspicious occasion!


This is also the beginning of the new moon’s cycle for gathering light, auspicious for all kinds of new beginnings. I’ve set my intentions and written them in my heart, traced them out with my pendulum, given them to the loving mind of universal conscious awareness, a.k.a. God. As an Aquarius, I find it quite natural to include all of everything in my wishes, so I’m hoping that things go well with you, as far as getting into a good space and having the clarity and provisions to make your mark in the world be felt at its very soul.

For the past cycle of a month or so, I’d been resting and integrating, as per the very wise and insistent suggestion of the Pleiadian crew. Joegil (“Jo”) has been integrating, and Anica. At the deepest level, this is like having alternate-dimensional aspects of soul weaving into this here-and-now me’s DNA. It doesn’t alter so much as augment, expand, and intensify my soul’s expression through this human form. Now, I’m back online in a much more energized way, so I suppose this is saying that the period of rest is over for now, and the rebirth of Jo, in this timeline, is ripe for celebration.


These integrations have been going on for many years, lifetimes I daresay. Or are we ever really separate from them, these aspects of soul that operate in alternate realities? Alternate only because they are somewhat separate from our ken, here, but connected and intertwined at some level of being. We will all be hearing more directly from Jo and from Anica, I expect, this year. Though, I have to say, I really have no idea what this year will bring, apart from monumental—perhaps even world-shakingly big—change. Nothing would surprise me, at this point. (Note: I’ll be gathering a list of some of the markers the Pleiadians have been sharing over the years. Seems time to post them.)


A few weeks ago, I got a tap on the shoulder from a wonderful healer friend from South Africa. Thea has a true gift, as a Reconnection facilitator. She’s ready to open to something bigger now, with her practice, and so offered me a session. Could it have been better timed? Not really! What a perfect way to ease the integration process, as it can become physically exhausting, energetically speaking. The session lasted only a half hour, and while it was similar to Reconnections I’d had, in that I had specific sensations in my head and the distinct, tangible presence of unseen others around, it was also different, smoother, more expansive somehow. I highly recommend energy work to anyone who asks about it, and I don’t hesitate to recommend Thea to anyone interested in this particular kind of integrational healing work.

If you’d like to connect with Thea, drop me a note in the comments or by email.

Since that session, I’ve noticed most prominently that the acceleration of integration has been… unnoticeable. No bumps. Some emotional intensity, but nothing dramatic, just releasing and expanding into a bigger sense of “me”. So there’s that. I don’t know if it’s a sense of expansion or that the League of Light really is moving in closer to this world, but there’s definitely a sense that the distance between our world and theirs is much diminished. They’re closer. We’re closer.


I, like you, have waited a long time to say that definitively. Of course, I can’t say what’s going to happen, when, where, or how anything will change to shift that into a collective sigh, or gasp, at a grand arrival. After all, I wrote about this in Remembrance, way back in 2008, when the world was staying up all night to see the fleets arrive on October 14. There’s always a little give when you cross from density to density, timeline to timeline. A lot of the gameplay is up to us. I ask you: Would you really have it any other way? What excitement is there in being a pawn, when you can move yourself stealthily through maneuvers toward mastery of the game? You might have to project your awareness a little into the future to see that there’s a lot more soul satisfaction in playing well than in being played. So we wait and work on what’s in front and inside of us.

Much will change this year. Asket hinted at that in her end-of-year transmission: “A vacuum that’s left when a solid and steady presence is removed is going to beckon you to explore what takes its place. Who you are is in the process of expanding, and you are about to come into a deeper relationship with everything about who you thought yourself to be.”

We have so much to explore ahead of us. We begin within, always. We can find a secret doorway there in connection with others. Remember that, cherish each other, cherish yourselves. The time of transformation is surely here.

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