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Pleiadian Light Language Dictionary Expands

The Pleiadian light language dictionary gets a massive upgrade.

It’s one of the most-visited pages on Nine’s Path. It outlines a subject that fascinates, inspires, and connects. It provides a source of interdimensional contact with memory and presence, and study of a galactic culture and mind. Now, the Pleiadian light language dictionary has expanded into a fuller version, including an English-to-Saren page, and more.


The Saren language is more than just a Pleiadian language; it’s the lingua franca of the League of Light, shared by Pleiadians, Arcturians, and others who are in service. There’s long been a dictionary of Saren-to-English words on the website, taken from my notebooks and early conversations with the Pleiadians.

Many are visiting that page every day, studying it and using it, so I’ve expanded the page into a new section. Under the menu heading NINE, you’ll find a link to the Pleiadian Light Language Dictionary. It includes:


pleiadian dictionary

The words are all taken from personal interactions I had with them during the early days of communication (beginning in about 2000-2001). Conversations were peppered with unfamiliar words, which they patiently spelled and re-spelled, answering my questions, so I could get it right. The translations offer a window into their civilization and way of thinking.

Since the very first contacts with them, they have addressed me by the name Joegil. This is the name by which they know me, as part of my soul is incarnated as a Pleiadian by that name, serving with them. You can find out more on Joegil here, and expand your understanding of our multidimensionality.

Some of the entries in the dictionary are offshoots of questions I asked them, or things that were happening in my life at the time of our communications. For example, during that period, I was meditating with the mantra OM Namah Shivaya, so that is included in the list. So are references to my cat (“soothe the tiger”), who was intrigued and at times triggered by the Pleiadian presence in the room during our telepathic hookups. You’ll find some notes on other of these personal aspects at the bottom of the introductory page.


Will there be more? Perhaps. Nine’s Path expands in an organic way, but in a way that’s guided by the Pleiadians who are minding its development, and who have been since its inception. That’s Anica, to a large extent, and Joegil, both aspects of my own soul, extensions of me in service to the League of Light.

Let me know what you’d like to see. Leave a comment below. I’ve always got several projects ongoing at any time, to build and extend the mission that this site serves. I’ve always got ideas, too, and am interested in hearing yours! In the meantime, bookmark these new pages, subscribe if you haven’t already, and consider sharing your support.


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More to explore… have you looked at the Pleiadian notebooks?


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    Wow this is the coolest thing i have seen. Im going to tell everyone in the healing group. You are amazing !


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