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The Master’s Chamber Door Opens…

Nine’s Path has grown to the point that a shift of quantum nature is called for. It exists and shall continue to be the hub for all that it is, and continue to amass more of the material you love to find here. An evolutionary step was directed and undertaken, bravely brought into being only since the last time I wrote with site news here last September. In October, cyber-ground was broken, the site architected over many sleepless nights, and on Christmas day (Australian time), it was opened to the world. It’s official, with an astrological “birth” chart to mark the occasion (just look at how we reclaim the light at the top of the pyramid! That was a surprise… the site is full of wonderful surprises):

As Zero Point Station was first taking shape under the guidance of the League of Light’s impeccable plan, it was made clear to build a specific page leading beyond material from the Order, to take things further, deeper. Thus, the Master’s Chamber came into being.

The Master’s Chamber is a (hidden) discussion group created specifically for sharing insights and diving into study of the Master’s teachings. While messages from the Master will continue to be posted publicly as they have been, both on Nine’s Path and Zero Point Station, explications of the material will be shared only in the Master’s Chamber discussion group and will remain posted in a forum for reference. That was the plan as it was laid out on the day the instructions came to build the first page for the Master’s Chamber.


Today, that shifts, as a surprise transmission came through late last night. This marks a new chapter in the material, and how it is shared. The new transmission itself is enigmatic and beautiful, carrying forward the cryptic lines already swimming in the collection about the rose and the moon. What followed, unexpectedly, was a short but thoughtful let of reflections upon the message. The Master has begun sharing teachings, initiating the Master’s Chamber for what more will come. When? This is always a mystery. When it is time. However, it seems the time for getting ready for that is now.

This is really exciting. Why? Because you get a one-time-only sneak peek at what the Master’s Chamber is about. The Master’s Chamber is a hidden group. You are asked to put your name in to a waitlist. When chosen for the next step, you’ll be asked to respond to a short set of questions formulated by the Order. Periodically, new members are to be admitted (selected not by site admins, but by the Master’s hand). This is not to create any kind of exclusivity, but to ensure a coherence. You can find out more and begin the process of entry here.

Now, back to the latest message from the Master, “New Moon”. The Master’s sneak-peek first explanatory teaching is just below the image, so scroll down for that.

“Rose will push through the stem. Light will rise through the people. Nothing can stop what has begun. Near the moon is a dry base in which the new light will start its process of blooming. It is not the moon that will shine that night, but the light of the rose.”


The light is a signal. It is something that the mind of humanity will become less in fear from seeing. It is a code and a core marker for the world. It is the signal that the day of reckoning has come. It is not a monster, but a bringer of truth. It will remove all shadows and reveal what lay behind them. More rose has more light to give. The moon will witness and prove the rose true.


This is just a taste, shared to pique your interest and invite those who find these words stimulating to mind and heart, and perhaps memory. If you would like to explore the Master’s Chamber, the only place to find it is at Zero Point Station. It’s by far not the only thing at the site, which features a vibrant and growing social networking platform with close to 200 forums, a number of social groups, and some very exciting developments on the way. I invite you to explore all that it has to offer and to make it your own social home on the web. I’ll be there for sure, creating and co-creating along with you a new world of possibility.

Just a taste to pique your interest. If you would like to explore the Master's Chamber, the only place to find it is at Zero Point Station. #ninespath #zeropointstation #newsocialnetwork Click To Tweet


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