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Briefings from the Crew

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Now that you are all making plans to come together as a planetary race, we can share with you how the League of Light approaches a drama.

From where you are situated in regard to your history, there is much drama playing out between various factions and players. Some chaos is part of the whole picture of planetary awakening. Your world is making a bold move toward a unified consciousness. Random events are the sort of practical affect of change. If you expect change to be predictable and smooth without taking into account the nature of change as a chaotic system, you will be baffled and upset when random events occur. Rather than becoming a world of people trying to deal with change and zero point as a function of what you know as normal, we suggest the following protocol from the League of Light to better navigate through the days of transformation.

In every certainty is a seed of unknowing. Acknowledge this. As you contemplate it, you will find it to be valid, if you are honest and open to the input of your higher mind. Within the seed of unknowing is zero point. Another way of saying this is that faith lay at the center of knowing, and at the core of faith is a space of divine presence, or, if you prefer, God. It is a truth either way. Align this construct in front of your perception. You will not cloud your vision and will only sharpen your thinking. Cast your eyes around you; take in what you see as certainty with the seed of unknowing at its core. Move through the state of certainty into unknowing and from there, expand into zero point. Apply this exercise to anything that comes across your perceptual screen, be it joy, chaos, uncertainty, or disappointment. Practice with those things immediately available to you, so that when you encounter turbulence as a mass affect of change, you will already have the benefit of understanding how to move from one state of awareness into another, more expanded one.

As you do this, come into the understanding that your experience affects the collective mind of humanity. Allow your experience to seep through your personal space of being into the continuum of human experience. This will color an otherwise murky field of potential with the bands of frequency-specific awareness of reality that can do much to shift chaos into a unified consciousness projection. From there, you can move as a people into the kind of knowing that prevents chaos from taking control of your divine visioning.

This is a message from The Order.

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