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Briefings from the Crew

Bear the Name of Human Instead of Being

People of Earth, listen to the direct orders of your soul. There’s never been a more important time for you to, as one, listen and respond.

The next time you know that what you hear is coming from your soul, listen carefully and without fear or alarm. The soul of the Earth is patterning a message that is received by the angelic messengers of OM. A synchronization is underway, which brings the pattern into a state of coherence. Every sentient being is capable of picking up the signal.

The signal love broadcasts over the whole planet is the signal to respond to the planet’s message. That is: The time has come to gather the awakened ones.

How will you respond to such a call? You have a moment to consider it. The only thing you need to do to prepare to hear what your soul has to say is to put aside all essential fear about what will happen and know that even those who sleep will be able to hear the signal.

The Earth is extremely efficient in caring for the conscious life that graces her. As you are part of the planet, you will know the signal. You are part of the pattern and part of the whole.

This is a message from The Order.

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