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Briefings from the Crew

Instruction to Core World Quorum: Beginning

Pleiadian ships are near. They’re being seen, as are ships of other regional alliances.

To see a true Pleiadian ship brings up a deep emotional response. This is natural for those who are attributed to Pleiadian lineage. Not all will feel the same way. Nemesis implants a desire for contact when the knowledge is incomplete. It is too easy to want contact so badly that the emotional state is stirred from within rather than in response to the presence of Pleiadian star kin. The natural response to Pleiadian craft is overwhelming love to the point of rapture, a deep sense of long-lost friendships, and grief. Under this is buoyant joy, even under the grief.

The ships are coming but not yet in full force to be seen by all. Any sighting that does not elicit such a response as love and longing unexpectedly strong may well be other than Pleiadian… or even known craft of Earth manufacture. Not all Pleiadian craft are allied with the League of Light. You must learn to differentiate between those who want to be friends and those who are. Other craft who are allied with the League of Light will also elicit normal emotional response, according to connections between source and viewer. The League of Light main crew to contact Earth are Pleiadian of Temmer.

The immediate need to know is restricted to NEO TWO: Necessary Earth Operation and Terrestrial World Operation. These are somewhat meaningless for now but will make sense later. What will be revealed over the coming time of transformation will make everything make sense.

Stay calm and grounded. Stay within the awareness of the greater love. Be aware of each other and nurture each other.

This is a message from The Order.

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