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On the wing of prayer, knowledge of OM comes. Light is its carriage, for weight is not the nature of truth. Knowledge is certainty beyond the edge of doubt, beyond the last reverberation of a question left unasked, unanswered. The appearance of knowledge renders all such things mute. In the silence of knowing, everything becomes still.
From the still center of knowledge is everything brought into being. Action without knowing is merely energy moving in search of its pattern.


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Knowledge of Nine is science of the most fundamental divine understanding. Reality is the field of experience through which individuated consciousness embark on a journey toward full remembrance of All.
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Mere dissection of the teachings of science being limited, the natural inclination to know beyond the edges of currently accepted dogma—be that physical or spiritual knowing—leads eventually to the unseen, the etheric, the numinous. It is there that Nine neatly explains everything. From the workings of the forces of nature to the secrets of life, Nine shares divine knowing to open minds. The numbers of creation weave threads of light through all.

Following the introduction of the Pleiadians through the inspired writings and transmissions (call them what you will), education began in earnest with cogent descriptions of the numbers of creation. One through Nine, they each fundamentally enform the totality of what is. Elegant simplicity often faithfully describes the most complex of systems.

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study and read pleiadian knowledgeHigher-order teachings distilled into the bite-size pieces you’ll find throughout Nine’s Path trigger awakening of latent conscious knowing. You already are integrally connected with divinity, and thus with Knowing in its fullest and most complete nature. The Science of Nine, the machinery of understanding embedded in Opalescence, the messages and everything else this site houses all are designed as tools for you to get into the deeper meaning of the weave of reality. Ultimately, knowing of these threads of light leads to full self-knowledge. Follow them to a finer understanding of the divine design. Love’s handiwork is your native space.

Discover the Pleiadian notebooks, the messages, books, and videos.


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Given the multitude of theories and half-truths that bombard you on a daily basis, is there any wonder that you have yet to come into a unified “A-ha!” moment of understanding about your shared reality. As we are part of that reality, unseen as yet and to a large extent within the silent space of awaiting revelation, we offer our most available modalities of greater reach into knowing. These all bear some reliance on the Science of Nine and the core reality of love as the substance and matrix of what is. As the experienced world you live in has a strong duality within its framework, we have chosen certain teachings to give you the biggest boost into a more unified, less constricted expansion of conscious awareness.


Experiential knowledge without the intangible yet ultra-sensory probing of spiritual knowledge is incomplete. To limit the sphere of scientific knowing to merely that which can be touched, sampled, or extrapolated from mathematics is to limit the range of vision possible for the human mind to comprehend.

The books and written messages you’ll find on Nine’s Path are transmitted through a high-fidelity link through the frequency-specific resonance of our point of contact, Maryann. These exist outside the boundaries of time that you dwell in and thus apply directly to the temporal reality you experience when you take the words in. Likewise with the spoken-word transmissions you will find in the videos; these are further encoded with vibrational subtleties that can trigger subconscious releases from the bonds of programmed thought patterns. The phenomenon of non-locality adds another dynamic through the personal communications through our Creative Counselors.


Pleiadian knowledge data

To expand our understanding of self, nature, and reality, the League of Light shares the Science of Nine. From Lesson 2:

“OM does not rely on a pocket calculator to determine the nature of Nature, but creates according to the knowingness of I AM. All that is is because I AM exists in everything and is in the essence of everything as divinity itself. I AM is what makes water wet, what makes joy happy, what makes home. I AM is how OM is known. I AM my self alone is a statement of the function of One. A statement of the function of Two would be I AM someone in relation to other than my self. A statement of the function of Three would be I AM of a derivative. Of Four, I AM part of. Of Five, I AM engaged with reality in a particular form. Of Six, I AM in search of Source. Of Seven, I AM within framework of understanding. Of Eight, I AM united with other. Of Nine, I AM.”

The developing lessons of the Science of Nine are:

  • 1: Nine
  • 2: Space + Time = Creation
  • 3: Shining
  • 4: Nemesis

More will continue to be added.

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