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Nine Pense

Beginning the Ending

Being given the last piece of a puzzle is like being given the first piece of a new picture. You have nothing left to look for except the resolution of bits and pieces, the amalgamation of a mystery into a coherent pattern of sensory input. You have that in the form of finally seeing the bigger picture after realizing that you were looking for a picture before the last remaining pieces have been put in place. The time is starting to dawn that the pieces you thought you were looking for aren’t the ones you had in mind, at all. In fact, the final pieces are already on the table, just out of synch with the places they belong.

Give your attention, for a moment, to the latest bombshells to drop in on your visual screen of the world story lately. The theocracy and lunaticracy that has been keeping lock-step in the recent times is stumbling, brashly shoving forward, and losing the beat of the tempo bursting out on the world’s collective consciousness in a new vibratory dance of awareness. You have heard before that things are soon to change, and that is always true. Old news. You can look at certain things that have changed while you’ve been waiting for bigger changes to happen. What’s happening now is that things are loosening up on one end of the ride, the truth is coming out in total disarray, and everything is up for interpretation. Is it good or is it bad? Will it give us more freedom or make us more enslaved? Is it the end or the beginning? The truth is, it doesn’t matter. The truth is, the tables are not only being turned, they are being upset and rebuilt. The changes that are afoot may appear to be half-truths and sham, but that is the nature of illusionary programming. Hope need not be abandoned, nor faith in a system recovery of a magnitude unimagined. Behavior of elements of the structure of the reality matrix depends not only on internal programming of a behind-the-scenes maestro, but on the environmental evidence of core-level recalibration and jettisoning of specific foundations upon which such internal programming is based.

In short, you’re losing the basic criteria that determine the outcome of history to follow in a path of certain doom. You’re forced to re-think the picture you expect to see when you open your eyes and focus on reality unshaped by the script of big time movers and shakers. In the final analysis, the truth’s final details may just rearrange completely your picture of reality in a way you hadn’t expected at all.

The long road to giving up your ability to live as you could imagine, as fulfilled people in a free and secure and enlightened society of equals, is taking a turn away from the push into perpetual dependency and abdicated sovereignty of self. The path that is opening up, as the bricks fall from the cornerstone of power structures, is one that gives a moment of pause… are you ready to let it happen? The next step you take is the one that determines your direction for a moment, so lift up your foot with care as you prepare to detour into the stream of light that will open before you. Step over the bricks and regard them as rubble, and the edifice from which they fall as a ruin of former days of legacies of worlds long past their prime.

Now that the dream has begun to unravel from the weave of what has been reality for a long time, you can see through the holes into the beginningness of new scenes coming forth from what has been suppressed, pushed into the background, and half-forgotten. Halfway to the new world are you, in which the remnants of today’s power structure are themselves half-forgotten and the place of truth is foremost in what you encounter. Can you appreciate the enormity of that? You are entering into this with each conscious breath, and leaving behind as you exhale the detritus of a world dying from inside. That world that is dying is not any more real than the world of dreams and nightmares, and its passing is nothing more than a shift in phase from one state of being into another. There is no loss, but merely transition. There is nothing to lose with its passing except for the tribulation and grip of greed that suffocates so many in the world that breathes as one people, raising the awareness of their collective birth into awakened beings in a life-sustaining push toward freedom. With the abdication of power, greed loses its grip and lets loose the flow of pearls that have too long been held apart from the loving hands of a people in empowerment rising.

For the moment, relish that fleeting spark of light that passes for hope in a new world becoming. You have much to do as the days tread on into the unknown. Where will the path lead, once the rubble has been surmounted? To lands unexplored by human hearts and hands, to new expectations of leadership and brother- and sisterhood, to unbridled joy at life living free and hope unnecessary in the fulfillment of peace, as peace is perfected and belief sustained. On the edge of this lay the rubble and the walls yet to fall. Tread carefully and know that you are buoyed upon unpredictable seas in a love that encompasses the planet, every particle of it. Beyond what comes will reveal itself as you move through the fields of time toward your destination with beginning. Finishing is underway. Both meet now.

That's the nature of illusionary programming. Hope need not be abandoned, nor faith in a system recovery of a magnitude unimagined. Click To Tweet You’re losing the basic criteria that determine the outcome of history to follow in a path of certain doom. You’re forced to re-think the picture. Click To Tweet

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    Its a very hard thing to talk about and you do with such elegance Thank you so much.

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    Maryann, once again in renegade fashion , you burst forth with a classic light of , knowledge , wisdom and witt. You and your team are a blessing to us all !!!! Thank you ! allways with love, Donnie

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      Donnie, thank you so much for all the love! I appreciate your presence and your commentary. Always wishing you well 🙂


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