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Higher Orders

Face Now Your Move Toward Unity

A Message from The Master

Rate of change will increase. Be ready to act as defenders of justice in whatever capacity is natural to you. The next few weeks will be very near to chaotic on all levels. Observe as best as you can, without losing your ability to be compassionate or aware.

There will come temptations to shield your eyes. Know that what you will witness is a true unveiling of the truth. No longer can it remain hidden. For this reason, those who value the lie will not rest.

We of the Order ask that you trust what we say and look to each other to find common strength and motivation to act with valor and absolute benevolence to those who are caught unaware of the opening of the world to a force unstoppable rising within the core of humanity.

Peace cannot settle without a total knowing of what has been given as truth. No questions will remain unanswered. In time you will know all.

Our peace we offer and our strength we lend. Know us by the uncovered heart. We are with you all.

© 2020 Maryann Rada, sharing permitted with link to original article

The Master is one of a secret order who works behind the curtain you see. The Master is not one of any of the dark ones, but an ancient one who guards the path for humanity to find the way to sanctification.

Check back often to see the latest transmissions. These are complementary to the Notes from The Order, which you can also find in the Higher Orders collection on Nine’s Path.

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    TY Maryann, be well, Master, so enjoy your communiques. A bit reminds me of the Arthurian Legend, a universal [at least] ‘path’. Every Knight ‘had’ a Lady, every Lady, a knight.
    unstoppable indeed.


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