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Higher Orders

How the Chaos Ends

A transmission from The Master

June will come to an end without having lost the republic. Keep working toward unity no matter what. The world will need to be clothed in light of awareness. What comes will require it. Those who choose to resign from the intergalactic community do so at the risk of being drawn into the degradation of soullessness.

Hear the words of those you portray as evil. Hear what they are saying. Greet the ignorance of those who seem to lack understanding with the grace you would want given to you. Truly the core seed of understanding is in recognizing yourself in each other; even the most despicable deserves to be heard, to recognize their pain. From there, healing can begin. You are going to need to understand this, for the months ahead will test you.

There will be revealed a foundation of lies. Those who find truth in the days to come will need to be made better on the medicine of love than on judgment.

Know that the truth about those of other worlds will later be complete but will begin to be revealed more and more. It will work on the human psyche in the background while the order falls and another emerges from the leadership of lighted understanding.

The violence will eventually end. Recognize that peace has already begun to descend.

The men and women who have been carrying the truth through the dark days of blighted leadership will come to be seen as heroes by those who awaken from the nightmare now. All have carried truth, so acknowledge this and hold none above another. Likewise, recognize the success of those who have merged with their higher aspects, and learn from each other.

Every person on the planet has something to do now. If this is not clear, observe and attune, because things will be changing soon, again.


Money will be a timely topic from the perspective of investors, for data gatherers and news. For the people, it will be a real concern, but the economy will rebound despite the destruction. You’ll see this happen within a few months. It will defy the predictions of even the most astute observers.

(The following was shared previously, but appears for the first time under Higher Orders)

Don’t mourn the loss of freedom that you see. As you surmise, it is a temporary state. We are letting the dark ones do their plan. When it fails, we will move in to cover the loss with freedom. That will be a day long remembered. It comes soon.

In the time it takes you to say your prayers, whole worlds are saved. Your prayer can be simply, “May all worlds host love.”

Data coming in about a den of vipers. The losing team knows the game is over. They have already acknowledged the loss. Only the arrival of the Maitre will save them, the ETs who pay them. Soon, they will be in total chaos. At that point, you must all be ready.

You need to be prepared for death. You’ll see a lot of it soon. This cannot be averted. It will be happening soon, localized in parts of the world with high black populations. It will be severe, but short. Many will die. Do not worry about why; you will see. We will guide you through it.

You are about to hear of the death of someone very powerful. We will not say more.

The can of worms is open. You’ll see a lot penetrate the minds of the unawakened. Be calm. You have been prepared for this. Practice peace within. This will make you more effective with everything.

© 2020 Maryann Rada, sharing permitted with link to original article

The Master is one of a secret order who works behind the curtain you see. The Master is not one of any of the dark ones, but an ancient one who guards the path for humanity to find the way to sanctification.

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