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Higher Orders

Know We Hear You Loud and Clear

A transmission from Archangel Michael

Considering the amount of debris that exists within the sphere of the consciousness of the world’s population, it has come to be a good time to address your relationship with your mind. Nothing has come of the millennia during which your history has been plagued by the virus of global networks of power seeking to control the evolution of your human nature. Had you been left to your own devices without the particular challenges you have faced, in various guises, there is little doubt that you would have come up with some kind of challenge whereby you could exercise such characteristic attributes of this age, such as free will, discernment, intuitional knowing, et cetera. Such is the nature of life within the parameters of Earth that you don’t want to be bored. Thus have you created things to guarantee your continued interest in what is happening in your world. Thus has debris accumulated. Thus do we come now to tell you that the time has come to clean house. No longer can you put it off. The time of reckoning nears for all.

An imminent shift is upon you. Just as the activity of moving from one home to another often comes with the release of accumulated material, so does what you are now experiencing. You can liken it to the work which accompanies a jump from one phase of life to another, such as a shift from child to adult, or entering into a partnership of any kind. A part of the passage requires you to consider the validity of certain markers whereby you have been able to find yourself. No longer will you be needing these kinds of markers, nor will you find joy in carrying them forward with you into new territory of self. Leaving them, likewise, will be no burden to either mind or heart. Nature thus has a grip on the logic of your imminent sanctification.

It is coming. Everything will make more sense to those who seek liberation of truth from the prison of lies, & disintegrate for those who cling to the past. #ninespath #archangelmichael #globaltransformation Share on X

Just as the quarter moon comes into view and your patience for watching the slow destruction of a dying world wears thin, things around you will take a turn. You can feel the anticipation growing, and your own consideration for those who perpetuate the systemic deception plaguing the social evolutionary model to have reached the limits of what you can afford as tolerance. At this point, it is coming. Everything will begin to make more sense to those who seek the liberation of truth from the prison of lies. Everything will begin to disintegrate for those who cling to the past as a comforting blanket, even more so for those who have invested in the continuation of the deceit. Be prepared to emerge into your true personas, the true you, at that time. We bring you this message but not to cause alarm. There is nothing you need to be worried about, nothing to do. Merely be clear, grounded, and helpful to those who most need your presence calming their nerves. Paradigm shift is upon you, not world’s end. More dramatic shifts will be upon you soon enough.

We ask that you relax and let go of imaginings right now. While you are free to practice wish fulfillment as you please, introducing personal designs about how the current events should flow will not help you when the plan of higher purpose comes together in manifest form. We of divine service are well aware of the various streams of thought and intent active among and within you, humanity. Do you doubt our presence or our power? Simply because we have not taken the form of grand theatrical dramatis personae with great shows of light and dramatic entrances from the heavens, do not doubt either the reality of our existence or our ability or interest in interacting more directly with you. Sublimate your expectations of fairy-tale movies and tune into the reality at hand. As energies intensify, our words will speak to your deeper understanding. In the meantime, know we are with you every moment, in anticipation of the point of destiny to show its full power to change history. You will soon see what we mean. Until then, be at peace and know you are not alone.

© 2019 Maryann Rada, sharing permitted with link to original article

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    Sí, es necesario estar tranquila. Gracias por recordar que no estamos sol@s Amor


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