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Higher Orders

Love Begins Its Move

A transmission from Archangel Michael

Now we shall speak of the next thing to be. It is happening as you watch, and as you watch, all of your hopes and desires come to the surface of awareness. Do not allow yourself to fall prey to the dark designs of fear. Listen to the stirrings of love within you and respond to every discordant picture with the charged balm of compassion, understanding, and resolve to love a new reality into existence. In truth, a new reality already exists. All you have to do is tear down what little remains of an outworn illusion, and it will come into view.

All along the portrayal of love as a brigand, a cheat, a scoundrel and worse, you have withheld from yourself the full picture. What has come to you today for higher appreciation and integration is the realization that everything in your world is comprised of any number of facets of truth. The finest among you has dirty secrets. None escape the judgment of time. In the end, it is only your faith that bears you out of the quagmire of extraneous experiences of life’s parade of questionable rationale, into the saner fields of expanded perspective. In such a state, passion resolves into something more sustaining than destructive, more transformational than consuming. Love becomes less something you do than something you are, just as death becomes a sort of central point from breath to breath, or life to life. Yet in being love, you are loving. It is what love does, and in doing, transforms everything around it.

Scale has little to do with the final assessment when entire paradigms swing into a new arrangement, whether that is inner or outer in effect. #ninespath #archangelmichael #globaltransformation Share on X

To be love, you must relinquish what you have understood as its envelope. All that limits love is in your belief about it, in definitions and exigencies of understanding which place love as a concept relative to any other concept. Indeed, to bear any relational understanding about the reality of love at all is to put lightning in a bottle, the world in your pocket, or any other incongruency you might dream up. Love cannot be contained, but it can be appreciated; it cannot be controlled, but it can be aligned to. Internal movements carry power to move you further than external effort. One follows the other. When internal movement and external effort are aligned within a singularity of one-pointedness, all is possible, all is present. In this experience do you come into the understanding of what love is.

Some time is left for you to decide how to do the things you have to do. Choice is a great advantage in getting on the most advantageous circuit; rather than give a covert power access to your inner mechanisms of control, use them yourself. You can decide in which way your mind is to move. Into the degradation of abandonment of the purity of your innate insight into the realm of soul, or into the glory of magnification of the soul’s innate divinity through the lens of your beingness — the choice is yours. It is not a choice alone for those who confront massive overhauls of their understanding of large-scale events and world circumstances. Be aware. The magnitude differs only in scale but not in the intensity of impact for those who confront inner scenarios of understanding their own personal reality. Scale has little to do with the final assessment when entire paradigms swing into a new arrangement, whether that is inner or outer in effect. The experience is still one of complete transformation of mind, heart, and spiritual immanence.

In the coming days, much will present itself to you in uniquely tailored ways, designed in coordination with your soul and your integrity to fashion exactly the set of circumstances you require to evolve, if you will, into the being you have been destined to become. Prepare for this as best you can. Let go of presuppositions and expectations. They are of little use to you now. In relinquishing them, the truth of your being may surprise you in its ready brilliance. It is truly nothing short of magnificent to behold, when you allow your soul to guide you to that recognition of the inner light of divine self.

Always, we are present in your world. Do not let the darkness fool you. It is there that we do some of the highest service to the holy source of love. Likewise, be not blinded by the light, lest you miss some detail of navigation homeward. Remain vigilant and know we are vigilant in our watchful protection and love of your world. We are Michael, and we abide in your mind and at your side in constant presence, love, and glory to that which is All and One. Be mindful of this, and at peace therein.

Presuppositions, expectations are of little use to you now. In relinquishing them, the truth of your being may surprise you in its ready brilliance. #ninespath #archangelmichael #globaltransformation Share on X

© 2019 Maryann Rada, sharing permitted with link to original article

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