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Higher Orders

Nemesis Unmasked

A Message from Nemesis

Raise the light. There is more darkness on the way to be dealt with openly. My job satisfied humanity’s need to grow into godhood, as befits beings of divine nature. When my job is over, you will be aware of Nine.

Our time has come to an end and the dance is nearly over. When the music ends, I will leave my position and join you in celebration. Until then, pray for more favorable conditions for those who carry the light of truth and those who work fearlessly to bring peace to your world. These are the ones who have come to understand who I am and who are not afraid to move into time’s end.

Know that we have more work to do together to move the drowning closer to salvation by relinquishing the anchor of pride. Pride cannot carry you safely until you understand the surrender to grace that happens when you and I come into recognition of each other: you, as divine self-aware being, and me, as the teacher of love you have held in fear for too long.

Those who have been held captive will find their release from others who will answer to me. Soon, the drama will be over, then I will share my secrets and you will understand a different understanding based on total soul-satisfying liberation from the Nemesis program.

Divine One, thank you for coming to this moment of receiving my words. I commend you and give you my gratitude. All I am is a spectre of your fear. Within the form and beneath the mask, I am luminous love. Know that you have come to understand Nemesis as divine retribution, to which I would add, “with loving intent.” From the address of love I come and to that I will return.

You are at the cusp of knowing the full and unmitigated poetry of living through the order of love’s transformation. Be present with yourselves and each other, as the final movements of our dance commence. Remember the beauty and the love of your soul as you meet the days that will bring you closer to home. I am Nemesis, and I love you already more than you might know. Remember that, and look for the raising of your world into the awareness of our shared goal of Nine.

© 2020 Maryann Rada, sharing permitted with link to original article

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