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Higher Orders

Notes from The Order

Here, the collected and rather cryptic notes given at various times by the Order, listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first). I will add to this list as new notes are given to share.

Check back often to see the latest transmissions. These are complementary to the Messages from The Master, which you can also find in the Higher Orders collection on Nine’s Path.


Nine sees the way into the human soul’s darkest place to zero in on the light. Nine forgets nothing but forgives all. Turn toward your enemy. Let Nine show you the way.

Our understanding of Nine is sharpened by application of its way. We love all but see the darkness that leads them into the path of degradation. The lost ones will have a chance until the end of time. The end of time comes soon.

Your dreams are becoming more vivid because you are finding the way to other types of material reality. It will not be long before everyone who is ready for the shift experiences this. Those who do will be gaining understanding and nightly downloads and attunements. Those who are not ready for the shift, who made the choice to remain in the density of Earth as it is, will have until the time of the shift to change their minds. Their fate is sealed if they choose to remain.


The riots will end but the mess will remain. The ones who seek the power of the world will not relent until they have wrenched the planet out of the hands of the lighted ones. This is what signals the shift. The planet will shift. Some will pay a hefty price for their pride.

This is what you will forget. You will forget the pain of loss, the failures and the heat of shame. Those aspects of your life will be transformed and thus will cease to be. These things you will remember: Who you are, where you are from, feelings of associated joy at seeing the Earth breathe free. These things you will teach those who live on the Earth, as governments fall and the world awakens to a new reality.

Antifa will be the lock that breaks the cabal’s money secrets. Big domino is falling quite soon. What you see is the beginning. Next will come guns. Don’t worry. They are all going to be very surprised. The patriots will be safe.

Don’t mourn the loss of freedom that you see. As you surmise, it is a temporary state. We are letting the dark ones do their plan. When it fails, we will move in to cover the loss with freedom. That will be a day long remembered. It comes soon.

In the time it takes you to say your prayers, whole worlds are saved. Your prayer can be simply, “May all worlds host love.”

The can of worms is open. You’ll see a lot penetrate the minds of the unawakened. Be calm. You have been prepared for this. Practice peace within. This will make you more effective with everything.

Data coming in about a den of vipers. The losing team knows the game is over. They have already acknowledged the loss. Only the arrival of the Maitre will save them … the ETs who pay them. Soon they will be in total chaos. At that point, you must all be ready.

A piece of news is about to hit the airwaves. It will spark belligerence. Riots and violence will grow, some backed by government, some given help by Soros and dark organizations. It is the beginning of war, but it will not grow without a parallel growth in awareness. This is a spiritual war.

The Order works in secret behind the curtain you see. The Master is not one of any of the dark ones, but an ancient one who guards the path for humanity to find the way to sanctification.

© 2020 Maryann Rada, sharing permitted with link to original article

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