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Higher Orders

Rome Loses to a Divine Rule

A Message from the Men of Light

Our expectations are not relevant. You are nearly shifted to the next phase of preparation. You are being watched and guided, and nothing is left to chance. We Men of Light can only tell you what we are Nemesisless to say, meaning our words are divine transmissions not adulterated in any way.

Hateful people will not survive the day of transformation. Those who do survive will be given the knowledge and instruction needed to begin a new world.

Earth will survive, but it will be in two separate dimensions. Love and hate will no longer coexist on the same plane as they have. The dynamics on each plane will be adjusted. It is up to each individual to choose. Soon it will be too late. The only correlation between the worlds will be love. On one it will be recognized as a fundamental force, and on one as a fundamental weakness. Decide how you see love, for this quite literally determines your future.

We are called Men of Light. We serve the central light which you know as God, Source, or OM. We are in a very real sense angelic. Remember to call yourselves humans of Earth when the time comes for you to declare your home. Those of you who are just visiting this world will be moving along in time, but for now “human of Earth” will be more accurate, as the alternate will not recognize human at all.

Keep the counsel of sacred worlds close to your heart.

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Nine's Path Men of Light

Men of Light is a designation for genderless angelic beings in service to the light of OM, appearing on our plane for guidance and instruction during the days of transformation we are now in. They are present for all of humanity now. Attend to their words as direct transmissions from the core of divine intelligence.

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