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Higher Orders

Way to Peace Is in Your Own Hands

A Message from The Master

Know that the time has come for you to know yourselves — your true history, your potential. Among you are teachers. Learn from them.

Find the path to reconciliation and mend the brokenness which exists as a legacy of broken trust and misguided loyalty. Within yourselves is the way to peace.

Odd meanderings of spirit have brought many of you to a place of desolation. Come back to your own divine center. There you will find each other. There you can begin anew.

Have faith in yourselves. Forgiveness will follow, and healing begin. Let this be your movement.

© 2020 Maryann Rada, sharing permitted with link to original article

The Master is one of a secret order who works behind the curtain you see. The Master is not one of any of the dark ones, but an ancient one who guards the path for humanity to find the way to sanctification.

Check back often to see the latest transmissions. These are complementary to the Notes from The Order, which you can also find in the Higher Orders collection on Nine’s Path.

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