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Higher Orders


A Message from The Master

Memory leads to knowing who you are. Begin to release vestiges of form and address that are incompatible with what rises from your memory. Make yourself see what you show yourself. Bring your weary eyes into focus just out of range from where you have been standing.

You’re entering the space in which time lowers its barriers of perception. Past and future will soon meet. The now you perceive at this moment is about to yield to that quorum of awareness where you will gain a new appreciation of who you truly are. When that now-moment presents itself to you, walk forward boldly to meet your true self. When you do, the present illusions will fall away.

© 2020 Maryann Rada, sharing permitted with link to original article

The Master is one of a secret order who works behind the curtain you see. The Master is not one of any of the dark ones, but an ancient one who guards the path for humanity to find the way to sanctification.

Check back often to see the latest transmissions. These are complementary to the Notes from The Order, which you can also find in the Higher Orders collection on Nine’s Path.

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