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Just One Question

Today, you come to the point of a decision. We have long been telling you that the time would come for a tipping point to tip. We are, for diverse reasons but chiefly because we respect your right to choose your own course to follow, letting you do the tipping. We will not push, pull, or otherwise weigh in on your decision when it comes time for you to make it. We will sit in silent approbation, ready to hear the pronouncement from you to the question, “What do you choose?”

The nature of the question is, of course, the same as it has ever been, cast as it has been in various and sundry design to appeal to the full spectrum of your collective ability to appreciate its gravity. As a planet, you are a jewel among many beautiful rocks, a place in which all manner of creative play has been given free rein, a home to many races, timelines, and periodical stations of historical outgrowths. Now, as you are aware, you are in the tight squeeze of transformative reversal. All that has been given to you to deal with now, as a global civilization, comes to the fore in a blistering glare of light. What you will see in its unrelenting radiance is going to give the act of tipping the scales more impetus toward something dynamic, decisive, and permanently done. No more are you willing to play with the dancing flowers, the glittering rainbows of simplified rigor. The colors of light are taking on a fully lit character. Reality is settling into a more realistic hue. Thus, we are here to say to you all, get together in accord with the multiplicity of forms and expressions you bear, and find some core resonance between and among you. Find the basis of expression of human beingness, and prepare to expand through harmonic progressions into a fuller understanding of who you are, as the people of a planet, as the question settles into view.

The question is this: Given the activities upon your world that signal dissonant cognitive threads of understanding, are you able to see what has been causing the instability within the field of human interface? Are you willing to look beyond the façade to see the actual trademark that has been given to the human race by those who would exploit it for incomprehensible gain? Are you going to step outside of the cognitive latency imposed and upheld through various means, to take on the mantle of love’s design, to live as a human in self-recognition of the divinely sourced being that you are? Can you give your past a final goodbye, and regain the status of sovereign human taking the reins of a global civilizational imperative? All of these questions circle around a central point, which is the future of your race within the spectrum of life in the galaxy to which your jewel of a world is affixed. Are you ready to give time a corrective collective turn, and be all that you have been destined to be?

You have been given this question, as we said, in many guises. As the light of destiny comes to rest upon your world with little regard for the pretty designs you have encapsulated the forerunners of thought within, you will need to adjust your eyes. Soon you will have only the light around you, the abundance of shadows dissolving, and with them, the narrative to which you have become too accustomed to take part in.

Now, you have little time left for entertaining yourselves in the comfortable space of evolution. We know you have been pushing yourselves out of your comfort zone, and the results have winnowed the nonsense from the best of you. Now you are called to stand within the full light of transformation as a people, and to take on the grand task of facing the choice without faltering either way. Either you will choose to move as a planet, or you will continue to move in disconnected eddies, playing with the idea of separation until it becomes a decision made for you.

For us to tell you that chaos is working its way through the very fabric of your shared humanity would be to state the obvious. You are experiencing this on levels from social orders to communities, to families, even within your own understanding of self. We appreciate the immensity of pressure your world faces, in part because we have always sought to maintain the core threads of your integrity as a race, human, through the rigors of terrestrial cataclysms and interplanetary onslaughts of marauders, pirates, leeches, and the like. Long have you struggled to keep your truth intact. In classic renegade style, you have given love the upper hand in the face of death-dealing, hope-crushing, fate-concealing Nemesis. Those of you who have chosen the path of love, whether you know it or not, have been following the course of Nine through the field of creation’s evolving play. You who anchor yourselves in love will, while still moving through the transformational energetics of the day, be the ones who give the emergent living world the necessary objective framework into which humanity can settle.

That is, of course, if you decide to do that.

The alternative yet exists, driving itself into your attention as often as it can, as creatively and insistently as it knows how to. You have the remote in your hand. You have the ability to change the channel. You can turn yourselves into global humanity by tuning your attention higher, finer, truer. Let this filter into your waking dream. Leverage the whole of you, for only then will you ever be free as individuals within the whole.

As the question forms in the minds and hearts of your people, know that no matter how it is expressed, at its core it is the same. Are you ready to meet yourselves in the light of a day that shines upon all as one? You will not lose yourself, should you dare to rise in harmonic unity. Consider the unfathomable beauty of a world in which all shine as one. Your shimmering opalescence remains an option for you to choose, people of Earth. Choose well, for the time is soon upon you that the choice must be made.

We leave you now to consider our words, and the potential within you to shift your experience into a state of coherence. Attune to joy, however deep you need to reach to find it. It rests within the core of you, each of you, all of you. It is the secret you have carried with you forever. Soon we will ask again. Be ready.

A message from the League of Light

Today, you come to the point of a decision. Are you ready to give time a corrective collective turn, and be all that you have been destined to be? #ninespath #pleiadian #globalchange Click To Tweet

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