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Luminous Dimensions

The Order of Love Is Peace

Know that we order the waking of the world.

We both create the parameters of reality and create the conditional space that precipitates reality’s transformation. Thus, we both give an order to reality and instigate its self-aware understanding of the nature of reality.

It is incremental and ubiquitous at the same time. The process of transformation of reality and of living beings becoming totally self-aware is something that happens both gradually and instantaneously. As the load of understanding reaches a point of reorganization after a period of amassing information and experience, change happens at the nova-like annulment of what was and immediate comprehension within a data field that holds more intelligence than the previous state allowed to be known.

Prosper knowing that you, as a collective, now stand at the edge of such a shift. As one, you will understand who you are and the nature of the reality you share. All that stands between you and that moment of transformation is the coherence among you that you are ready to proceed into a reorganized reality, one that holds more sense and sentience than the one you are outgrowing.

To gain coherence, be at peace within whatever experience you are exploring, be that healing, rage, or balance-finding. Voice your human nature as free to live as you wish to live within a new reality of divine perfection, as is your right and known legacy as people of a planet within the galactic benevolence of the League of Light. You will come to know what this means.

You are not asked to do anything against your will, but to understand that the League of Light has always been the ordering nature of love within the planet’s reality matrix. “League of Light and You” began the story; refer to it as you come to understand what we present with these words.

That is all for now. We bid you peace.

A message from the League of Light

Know that League of Light order the waking of the world. We create the parameters of reality & conditional space that precipitates reality’s transformation. #ninespath #leagueoflight #reality Click To Tweet

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