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Asket of Temmer

Even the Peaceful Find Love’s Nonsense a Challenge

We are Asket. It has been some time since we have spoken with you. We have been watching and participating with you in the emotional roller coaster of events that you have been witnessing in your world. We’ve felt everything that you’ve felt and we’ve watched through your eyes the growing horror and the unfathomable pain that you have witnessed becoming unmasked in your world. There are many layers of reasons why these things are happening, why they continue, why no one is stepping in to stop them.

It is not the role of those beings who are of a benevolence to your planet to interfere in your development in any way. You understand the idea non-interference, though it has rarely been practiced on your world, and those who have seen fit to aid in the development in of those societies that have been, in their eyes, perhaps primitive, at best… these individuals have done very little to improve the state of being for those who have lost their traditional ways, their connection to their source, their land, their language, their culture, their children. You see where the practice of intervention in the development of a society can lead when it is done from the standpoint of control and gain. And when it is done from the standpoint of benevolence, then you must understand that it just doesn’t have a place within the framework of love allowing other to experience life and sentience in the fullness of its right to be. So you will not see those beings who hover just at the periphery of Earth’s envelope rushing in to save the planet from those who would destroy it, not because we are not aware of what’s going on. We are very aware. We are aware of those who watch, and what you are experiencing. We are also aware of those who suffer. We hear them in their pain.

It is not our place to rescue. There are levels of participation which we are not permitted to cross into. We are also aware of those who are perpetuating the pain. We are aware of what’s going on in their hearts, even though, for the most part, they are not. The soul speaks, but when the embodied personality chooses to ignore it, you could say, bad things happen. There is a disconnection from source, which leads to a great turbulence in the experience of many.

Do not think that we are standing idly by and allowing things to turn from bad to worse because we aren’t allowed to interfere. There are levels of interference. There are levels of observation. We of the League of Light have a specific mission in regard to your planet at this time. We cannot stop what you have allowed to be. We cannot pry open the eyes of those who want to stay asleep. We cannot melt a heart against the will of someone to open to the light of understanding and to the fire of love’s source, which animates and does not destroy.

You see, where we are speaking to you from, we see what’s going on in your world now as a kind of echo of what happened on our places of origin and other places where we have witnessed the development of humanity. It is not unique to your world alone to have a planetary level of war in which innocents are slaughtered. It has happened on many worlds and, from my perspective speaking to you here today, it is part of the human history which my lineage has witnessed firsthand. What is happening on your world has happened on others, and has had various types of resolution. You must understand that the planet herself is involved, and the planet is sentient. The planet nurtures and nourishes and supports and loves, and the planet also knows when it’s time to shake things up a little bit and bring certain chapters to a conclusion. You’re not facing this kind of calamitous end of times. We assure you that while many of you have the thought that the planet is dying, it is not. The planet will transform itself to adapt, and in fact transformation is all that exists in death and in life. You are in a constant state of transformation; if you are alive and aware, you can participate in the transformation.

Now what I have to say to you today, regarding your situation, as painful as it is for countless souls who are participating in this drama, as painful as it is to those who are awakening to the sights and sounds and information that is staggering to anyone trying to comprehend the enormity of it and the depth to which some creatures are willing to go in order to accomplish what they see as a righteous end: More of this you will see. We ask you to hang on to your humanity, not to sink into violence in any way. This begins with what is happening within you as more light is apparent within this time, more of an influence of a cosmic intelligence which is flowing into your world. Many of you have felt some aspects of this in various ways. As this intelligence flows into your world and into your experience as an individual, many layers of pieces of pain may very well work their way to the surface for you to deal with, things that you never thought would remind you of them, of experiences where perhaps you have some unresolved wound to heal. There is no need to re-experience the pain, only to acknowledge that you have survived.

In light of your own forgiveness to yourself for allowing yourself to — perhaps what you would say — make mistakes: There are no mistakes, there is only experience. Where you considered that you have failed as a human being, where you have not lived up to the standards to which with hindsight you know you could have, forget all this. It is time to forgive, not judge yourselves. Become aware. Allow yourself to love yourself for who you are, and know that the experiences that you have participated in throughout your life and your lifetimes have created a greater awareness of love within the human consciousness that spans this planet, and that it ripples out into the humanity, the consciousness that exists beyond your world. We are part of that, and we likewise are radiating our experience of love and peace and wholeness, of a recognition of the divine nature of the human, to you as our human counterparts upon Terra.

As you allow love to heal yourself, you can allow the claws to retract, the fangs that many of you share with each other to turn into smiles. Dear ones, see yourselves as human with a divine nature within you. You are divine light. It is not buried deep inside you; it is what you are. Allow the violence within yourselves to cease, each of you. Let go of the weapons that you have carried within yourself with which you have wounded yourselves and others, yours words, your defenses.

This world is transforming, and everyone on it is participating in that transformation. Find love within your experience of your world. This is not to say that you condone the violence that you see. This is not to say that what is happening is all right. We are not saying this. What we are saying is that love exists within conflict. There is a way for you to find your source, for you to encounter divinity. The divine is not causing the conflict, dear ones, but separation from the divine within each other, each of you. Separation from yourselves and from each other. In the space between, you’ll find the path to the divine, and when you do, everything will change.

Dear ones, we know you can do this. And we are with you in ways which you may be coming aware of as you allow us to watch through your eyes and to feel through your hearts. Feel what that means, and know that a greater love can speak through your voice and move through your actions. Allow this. Open yourselves to the source of your life and your divinity. Find the place where the separation is. Go there without fear of annihilation. Find the place inside you where you’re separated from your self. It’s the broken places where the light shines through.

This is a huge moment for humanity. We are all together part of a greater humanity, and what you’re experiencing now is a temporary part of the transformation that need not go in the direction of degradation, which can turn within each person towards divinity and a higher understanding. We wish this to be with all our hearts joined together around your world. We are radiating our love to you, each of you, all of you… all of you. We hold you in our hearts and we walk with you as you enter into the next phase of your evolution of understand of what it is to be an embodied human in a world where love is hiding.

I am Asket of the League of Light. Together we send you our love unceasingly, and with a full heart I say, we bid you peace until we speak again.

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.

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    Beautifully written, encouraging and inspirational. Thank you Maryann, for sharing this with us. Namaste

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    Hello Asket,

    Really a long time without a word from you. It is a great pleasure to read from you. It is a great pleasure to read from SEMJASE. It is a great pleasure to receive the energy from the League of Light.

    We appreciate the guidance you are giving. We appreciate the words of encouragement you send to us. It is like a Coach telling to his player; go ahead you are able to make it; you can make it.

    For the love you are radiating to us, we receive it, it nurtures us and like an ANTENNA we reflect it back to you. Love has always been working this way; flowing forth and flowing back over and over again.

    Be assure, you have our total support; you have it now; you have it unconditionally and you have it THEN.

    From a friend somewhere on this planet.
    I’m Siegfried.

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    See my comments to this post on cosmic Gaia. Wake up sheeple !!! This is utter nonsense, and you are blind as hell if you don’t STOP awaiting the alien savior meme.
    The fact that my other comments have not been transposed and posted here is absolute proof– guilt by omission- that what I state is true.
    Either Asket is an archon, or Maryann rada is a shill — or both.

    Go ahead– censor me. Edit me. Try to push me under the rug.

    Archons. Reptilians. Dracos. THAT is what you are.

    Wake the fuck up. It is part of the Zionist scheme.

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    If you have ANY INTEGRITY WHATSOEVER, you will welcome an open debate on how fundamentally FLAWED this “channeling” is…. It is in NO WAY WHATSOEVER based upon THE PRINCIPLES. It is utter chicanery and designed to keep the ignorant masses docile and subdued.

    Go to cosmic Gaia and answer the ONE question that impose.

    You cannot.

    Because you are a fraud and a liar, whereas ….

    ….I AM the truth.

    INTERLOPING archon bastards.

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      Dear Anonymous Unhappy Person,
      I am truly sorry to hear how distressed you are upon reading this message. However, I assure you I am not in fact a fraud or a liar, nor am I intending to thwart your right to voice your opinion, however I may as a human being feel about your words. I must say, you seem to be very angry.

      I really am puzzled about your response to the words I have shared on my blog. I am not familiar with the site you mention, Cosmic Gaia, but in future if you have something to share from another site, may I suggest that including a link would be most helpful for people to understand what you’re referring to. Also, I am completely unfamiliar with your vocabulary, regarding “The Principles”. When bringing in references to philosophies which lay outside the purview of the work in question, it is always a good idea to make sure that what you are talking about is understood by those reading… for example, whose Principles are you referring to? Are you at all familiar with the work of the League of Light, or are you assuming you understand what they stand for based on something you would like to attack, yet you have no solid figure before you toward which to send your vitriol? Because I assure you, I am not worthy of your condescending wit. In fact, upon reflection, I can only guess that there was something in what I wrote in this particular message that touched on a point in need of healing (notwithstanding the volumes of other information I have shared, which you will find at the Opalescent Nine website,, should you truly be interested in resting your mind about where I’m coming from). This is a specialty of those who speak through my writing and videos, and it is truly humbling to see how on-target Asket and the others can be in pinpointing something within a person that is in need of love and understanding.

      Regarding your claim that this is perpetuating a meme of aliens coming in to save us from ourselves, I would quote this excerpt from the piece in question:

      “So you will not see those beings who hover just at the periphery of Earth’s envelope rushing in to save the planet from those who would destroy it, not because we are not aware of what’s going on. We are very aware. We are aware of those who watch, and what you are experiencing. We are also aware of those who suffer. We hear them in their pain.”

      As you see here, and elsewhere in this piece, and in many other communications from the League of Light, they have no intention of rushing in to take over our affairs. They are very aware of this being a situation of our own making: “We cannot stop what you have allowed to be. We cannot pry open the eyes of those who want to stay asleep. We cannot melt a heart against the will of someone to open to the light of understanding and to the fire of love’s source, which animates and does not destroy.”

      As for this post appearing on Cosmic Gaia, I have no control over that. I didn’t post it there, and I wasn’t even aware of that site’s existence until you pointed it out to me in your note.

      Dear Reader, I have no intention of misguiding anyone, nor of adding to any of the pain or confusion in a world too full of such things already. If you find fault in this, I invite you to learn more about what it is that’s bothering you, so that you may come to understand it better. It is in understanding that peace is reached. Honestly, I am amazed at how many people who purportedly embrace principles of love, honesty, and peace so often act and speak in ways that demonstrate the opposite… and yes, I am referring to the way in which you chose to express your anger to me about whatever it is inside you that is really bugging you. I would be happy to continue this conversation in light of this understanding, that it be peaceful and without hurtful comments thrown at someone you don’t even know the first thing about, based on assumptions that you have formulated from your own pain and anger. I am a human being doing my best to bring healing to a world in pain. From what I see of what you’ve shared here, I ask you, what are you doing in that regard? Because this message is full of pain.

      I wish you peace.

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      Hi 1drew, sorry to read you are so convinced that we are bad people. We, because I consider Maryann as one of my sisters who is very high on my trustworthy-list. That would mean that if she is all the bad stuff you wrote about her, I would be that too. Since I know myself, and know deep, deep, down inside of me, very sure, I am one of the most honest and trustworthy people walking on this earth, she must be too. I am sorry you have a different view. Since I am a very intelligent woman too, I have no reason to doubt my own values and one is always and everywhere only to trust my own feelings and experiences, so I am not gonna follow your opinions and negative suggestions. Please, if you have so much trouble with our existence, leave us alone with what we believe is true, we do not harm anyone, we are not forcing anyone to believe our ideas. We are not bothering you with our ideas, so please keep yours to yourself. Thank you very much for doing so.

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    Maryann and the rest of the Time Transformers Crew,

    Thank you for the awesome things you’re doing that are benefiting us all, I love the amazing information you share, it’s helped inspire me to live a more loving and empowered life.  I’d like to share with you a website I’ve put up I think you’d find interesting, it contains a perspective on the purpose of life including self-knowledge, “know thyself”, a theory of everything, and my understandings of light and sound, peace and love, and spiritual healing, an earnest proposal to create a United Earth that prioritizes members’ unity, freedom and self-responsibility, equality, and dedication, a diet I believe may be the perfect diet and why, and other information:  I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

    With gratitude and love,

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      Hi Justin, thank you for posting your site here. If you remember, you shared this information with our Facebook group, and I did respond there. The site does indeed serve a great purpose, and I wish you much success in reaching those who may benefit from your work.

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    This is for 1 Drew: Those in fear tend to project that which hides within them in the darkness onto others. What is it that you fear in this channeling transmission, 1Drew? The Truth? Look within, the Truth will set you free. Seek the light between the cracks in your psyche and learn to open your 3rd eye and intuitive wisdom and you will clearly see Truth. You are dwelling in darkness and deception if you think Ms Rada is a Zionist. She is the farthest thing from this disparaging remark. Perhaps before we seek to divide and harm others by throwing around labels, which is a device of the establishment controllers on this planet, btw, you might look within your own heart and see that when you harm others in the flower of life, you only harm yourself. All is connected by spirit, consciousness, and love and we are all truly ONE. I will send you lots of light and love and all manner of fluff that you find joy, happiness, Truth and inner peace. Sounds like you are a very angry, hate mongering individual and you NEED it!! Don’t worry, the League of Light loves you unconditionally.. 😀 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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    Thanks for this. I have become a pro at weeding out what is not light and freedom, discerning every feeling and word with all do. You are one of the few I trust on the planet to receive info from, a safe place, a light house. I cherish this, never taking it for granted. I am my own Master, needing less from anyone and growing closer to Source consciousness, in part because of the support from this group over the last 5 years or so. In these times, we are affronted on every level, and even by our own souls at times who wish us to grow past limitations. Intense to be sure. I know it is up to me, ultimately, to win the day, and forgive myself where I could have done better, and choose love over fear, over and over and over. Love is not all rainbows and butterflies in this dimension obviously. It is dedication and devotion, patience, faith, raw strength, forgiveness, to name a few. Thank You! Much Love!!

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    I am not anonymous and I am not unhappy. MY NAME IS DREW ALLGEIER, AND I AM THAT I AM

    That said, I AM calling you out, Maryann. You and your kind.

    Answer the question, or stfu.

    It is people like you, and the sheeple who buy into this alien savior meme BS , that clutter the atmosphere for the folk who are trying so desperately to discern and learn.

    You are hindering the progress of our species, and it is tiresome.

    Answer the question. That’s all. Just answer the ONE QUESTION.


    This “we can’t interfere” prime directive BS is soooooooo old. The true sign of an archon reptilian is their lack of creativity. Y’all keep repeating the same patterns, OVER AND OVER

    Again: tiresome and useless to the progress of the human species. JUST STOP!

    if YOU, Maryann, might consult with the principles, then YOU would know who I AM an to what I refer.

    But you don’t.

    …so, until such time that you do or capable thereof, I must and will forgive you and release you.

    Albeit, it is challenging to have unconditional love and forgiveness toward those who seek only to take advantage of the sheeple, forgive and love I shall and do.

    My peace be with you…and truly mean it when I say: you are forgiven for your tragic trespasses upon humanity by publishing BS channelings from the Draco reptilians that seek to subvert and destroy humankind. …for you, obviously, know not what you do.

    One day we will meet, and you will see the love in my eyes and feel the warmth from my heart, and you will know True love. Not the kind you get from archons, and not the kind you get from sheeple who gaga over pointless messages from asket.

    Wake up. Wake up wake up

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    P.s.– I am not saying that Maryann nor y’all are bad people. I’m just saying that you are ignorant as hell.
    Go read ACIM
    …then, come back to me in 10 years and re-read what you and she posts– AND THEN tell me how you feel.
    ..I mean, come on, people, how can you possibly disempower yourselves like this ????!!!
    How is it possible that you allow yourselves to be made docile and ignorant by the alien savior meme (Google it), that would tell you: ” we can’t interfere I your collective experience, but we will standby and feel empathy while the archons totally jack up your global society”. ???

    OMG– can you not see the fundamental contradiction in this logic ???? It is discognitive

    It’s like I said on the series of cosmic Gaia posts: the gene pool has a way of weeding out those who are ready to be weeded. It’s like that movie Cloud Atlas, where the Korean women are chosen for ascension, only to be gutted for food when they pass through the door to “upstairs”. …. Don’t be gutted.

    Rather, seek within; FEEL WITHIN YOUR OWN HEARTS- and let your hearts do the thinking– FEEL what is true before you you so quickly succumb to the alien savior meme that IS NOT !

    Again, my peace and prayers be with you sorry souls who lay down your will to the utter BS put forth by this meme.

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    Hi Drew, should have known you would come back. Everyone who tries to convince someone else of their believes do. It amazes me that even though you don’t know us at all you pretend too. You seem to know what we do and what we think. I have no connection with any theories about archons, reptiles, zionists and other species so I am not going into that. I can’t help but wonder what we did to you to be so aggressively spoken to. We are intelligent people, learned heavy lessons, can really think for ourselves and don’t need to follow anything or anybody if we don’t want to. We are not ‘made’ into anything, we are not thinking anything just because someone told us to. So please stop making us small and insult us for having no mind, or will, of our own and calling us sorry souls. I don’t mind not being ‘your kind of people’ and I don’t need to be saved. I am strong enough to stand on my own two feet and think my own thoughts. In 10 years I will have no regrets, I only will be stronger, better, even more loving and probably full of light. If you don’t mind I will do my own thing and I surely hope Maryann will too. So please keep your battle against argons and zionists within the fields of people who want that too, and leave us be. Thank you very much.

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    Dear Drew, you seem to have a lot of enemies : Reptiles, Zionists, Archons…! In your fantasy world you have granted yourself the position of all Wise one who KNOWS THE TRUTH and given us the position of sorry Souls who “lay dow their will”. You say we should read the ACIM which precisely explains how the Ego indulges in separation and self glorification. By the power of my will, heart and intellect which has studied the ACIM I say that that I will never take you as a teacher of the ACIM because you do not walk the talk.

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    Drew, if you would pose a question, I would gladly answer it. There is no need to be rude. I’ve looked through your comments here and don’t see what question you’re referring to, so if you would like me to answer it, you must first ask it directly and simply so there is no confusion on that 🙂

    I read my first Marianne Williamson book more than 20 years ago, and consider her a great teacher in many respects. I never read all of ACIM but I’ve read some, plus a lot of other books you may not have heard of, very good spiritual books full of good principles. I’ve yet to understand what specific “principles” you are referring to because, again, you haven’t posted them here. Please share them, and I will respond.

    Meanwhile, I think that you have read one message that’s several paragraphs long, and formulated your opinion of the entire body of my work from that. There really are very few messages that talk about anything like visitation, and like this one, they pretty much all say it ain’t happening that way. Most of what I write about is finding the divine within the human experience. Pretty boring compared to alien invasion, but that’s what my work is. While they do mention the potential for closer interaction, they also say they won’t take from us the experience of finding that divinity within conflict, chaos, and hopelessness. That prize is ours to discover. Would you trade the chance for it? It is within our grasp! They won’t take the illusion from us, but they will help us to see the illusion for ourselves and throw it off together, as one unified humanity (and calling each other names doesn’t bring us much closer to that, I’m afraid… ).

    It’s a subtle thing that you probably don’t find in other sources, but I don’t read other channels so I really don’t know what they are saying right now. This excerpt below is a pretty representative piece of writing defining the League of Light’s stance on the “meme” of ETs rescuing us or letting us rot, or whatever it is that you’re talking about in your note… I don’t know how you got to where you are speaking from, so I will just share this sort of generic thing from Anica:

    “Whatever the time, the plan remains. We are now, as we have been for the length of your time on Earth, awaiting a certain locality of fact to arise from within the collective of consciousness that signals your clear understanding of love. We are not waiting until the totality of people get it; just enough is sufficient for us to embark on the next phase of what has had your hopes and dreams enveloped within its very essence for eons of time. What headed your way in the far-distant past returns now to answer the questions that have been in the collective in increasing intensity: When will the drama of oppression end? Are we going to have any outside help in achieving world liberation from tyranny? Has the entire story of extraterrestrial help been a lie? These are the kind of questions that will all be answered with the return to Earth of those beings who created a lot of the ecosystems of your world, the return of those extraterrestrial beings who vowed to wait and watch, to love and to support until people of Earth reached the optimal ratio of awareness to initiate more direct interaction. That time, it appears, is about to come into view. We can only wait and watch for now but phase shift is begun. As it progresses, we will also come into view. For the moment, however, far more immediate concerns are in the close range of your attention. There are some things to watch, and as they are brought into the light, more of them will resolve.”

    So I don’t know, are you wanting them to come rescue us? Do you want them to just go away? Are you sad that they haven’t done anything to unseat the cabal, or whatever people are channeling about elsewhere? Is it not enough that they are waiting and watching according to the choice of the soul of the earth and the ensouled beings upon it? Are you in fear that things are changing now, do you sense it? Things are changing, and transformation has begun… maybe you feel this and that is why you are confronting me in this way.

    The truth is, none of us knows the whole truth, and I have never claimed to have THE truth. Not even you have the truth… you only have your truth. The only way we’re going to get to the truth is by coming together and each sharing his or her piece of truth and understanding. This is what the League of Light is talking about in the concept of opalescence. It’s in the book. I can’t really distill 300-plus pages here. If you’re interested in that, there’s plenty of information on the website and excerpts you can read at amazon, all for free, without asking anything of you other than your time and attention if you care to spend it. If you’re not interested, no worries, just don’t bother.

    Just please don’t be rude. It’s not helpful to anyone, especially yourself, if peace is truly the goal. If ego-stroking is the goal, well, then, go for it, it’s easy and quite satisfying in the moment. In this world, peace is something that has to be worked for, and that work begins and ends within oneself. If you really are into love and higher consciousness and all that good stuff, there’s no need to see anyone as an enemy, especially me. If, after spending time (not 10 years, certainly you could get through the material in less time) reading the books, blogs, website, and watching the videos that I’ve shared, you then decide that I’m what you’ve claimed me to be, fair enough, you would have earned the right to do so. This work is not to everyone’s taste or level of understanding. But I will be very clear: it is a work of service to humanity and divinity, and it is all of it, every bit, done in love and respect for every human on this planet.

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    Dear Drew,
    If you so obviously stand for separation, which is what you are saying, you’re not teaching Truth or Love or Peace. Interesting how you speak of these things which seem to be out of your grasp and which you apparently know nothing of. It’s kind of a contradiction in terms that you speak of discernment and ignorance as well, when you seem to be greatly lacking in the first and much more full of it in the latter. Ignorance= lack of information/knowledge/light. Please address your inner Source and be honest with yourself. Just because you do not have first hand experience with ET’s it does not negate anothers direct experience. Learn true discernment, love, unity and wisdom and walk your talk, because obviously, you are not authentic with yourself nor others. BTW the Truth always reveals itself in time as you will see in the end. And remember, how we treat others is a reflection of who we are. Bless you and the confusion you rode in on. I hope you find what it is you are seeking. PEACE! <3

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    The reasons I don’t understand now are :-

    1) When the light respects the law of non-interference and the dark don’t – in this case why the dark was not stopped in the first place? Why were they allowed to bring hell to Earth?

    2) And allowing the dark to control and bring suffering to this world for 13 millenium doesn’t justified the cause of divine love. Why should the human go through such terrifble experiences?

    3) And according to Cobra site (Portal2012blog), it is because of some devastating bombs that could dissolve the whole universe that prevent the light forces to take action until now. And even from one source claiming the Divine Creator disarmed these bombs in nine seconds (why wait till now when he/she can do it so quickly?). So, this puzzle me – if this can be resolved so quickly why were we allowed to suffer for such a long period and even now it seems it doesn’t end at all – all promises never happaned – why is their creditbilities? It seems they lost it long time ago.

    4) While many peole are being brutually murdered daily (children and woman) and yet this is allowed to continue and they said it is karma that is unfolding now. But there will be no end to this karma game – old karms resolved, new karma being created daily – so there is no end point at all. Who the hell created this karma rule? I bet this is like a trap for beings to reincarnate again and again in the 3D world.

    5) If we human alone can resolved all these trouble, horrors, enviromental, etc – then we would not be in this hot spot now. Human alone cannot solve all the problems, even given thousand of years, all these problems still exist – I don’t think we can resolve the enviromental issues, terminal diseases with our current technologies now. So, getting outsite help would be a solution but still they said we have to do the job ourselves. Sound like “God only helps those who help themselves” – now this statement sound silly to me cause if they can help themselves, then why would they need help from God anymore?

    6) Overall, the dark done a great job – labelling the so called Alien as bad beings, monsters, man-eaters, decievers, fallen angels, etc due to their hollywood movies, religions, abduction cases, etc. In this case, they had forseen the coming of the light force to liberate this planet and they done all these to make people scare of the unknown, ET, etc. And the light forces just sit on cloud 9 and talk and talk and becoming more and more long-winded. I bet if many starseeds knew this is going to be like this – we would opt out for this divine mission instead.

    May the LOVE be with you always!
    Piperon – The Spiritual Flute Composer.

    Official Website :
    Youtube :
    Music :

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      Dear Piperon, I do understand where you’re coming from, but perhaps an adjustment in perspective will help put this conversation on an angle that will be most helpful to you and others reading it, those who share your concerns. First, though, I must point out that I don’t have anything at all to do with Cobra or any other channels, so to try to find any likenesses in whatever messages they are giving with what I am writing here is not going to lead anywhere fruitful. I don’t even have time or space to read other channels, save what few words come across my screen as you have shared here. They are separate from my work, and if there are concordances, so be it, but they are accidental at best.

      We have chosen to be here now. That is true. Your soul gave your Self the lens through which to project human form to a limited, forgetful self which participates in a world game of universal proportions. Some are well mounted for such a game, and some are not. Each of us has something to bring to the game, and each of us has to get over whatever shock we encounter in the traumatic fray that this world presents. That’s not my invention, that’s something that has been talked about for ages. The brilliance and purity of Sat Yuga declines into the horrors and mayhem of Kali Yuga, which is were we are now, and the dawn of another cycle of Sat Yuga is just upon us… of course, time as measured in yugas is astronomical in nature, and not easy to deal with when we are here for the blink of an eye. How do we find meaning? It is our experience in the world of suffering, loss, loneliness, pain, denial, fear, paralysis, etc, that feeds the mind of God with our progress in finding love hidden where it is. How clever are we in finding it, how much can we bear and still know we are love, how much can we suffer and witness suffering and still know that our nature cannot be severed from divinity, no matter what illusions we buy into? Maybe this is the point of the game, I don’t know. I just relay the communications as they come and live through my own life using the teachings of love as the lens through which I project myself back to source. I write about this stuff all the time, not just in these messages in this blog.

      I have other collections of writings. Each of them has a different flavor than the others. This one is the newest, and has its own style. Perhaps there is something in the other writings that would be more fulfilling for you to read, to feel the energies that pass through this portal… I have an idea that this one, “You Are New Beings in the Making” ( ) is suited to answer much of what you are asking in your comments above. I hope it does 🙂 And I wish you much love and understanding on your path. I am here to offer myself in service to greater understanding, not as one who has all the answers herself, but to facilitate those communications to reach the hearts of those who seek. I hope I am doing that here, and giving you something that is of value to you in this world.

      The ones who speak through me here and in other collections answer what you are posing not in terms of “karma” or cabal. I think you will find they do, however, address what you are asking quite directly, though probably in a way that you may not expect. The links are listed below.

      With great respect and love,
      Changing Address: Notes About Our Galactic History
      Renegade Thoughts, communications from the Pleiadian Renegades,
      Anica’s Notebook, communications from Anica, who is a future aspect of myself in service to the League of Light,

      There are other links, too, and you will find them all at the main site, Opalescent Nine. I hope this information is of service to you. I share what I can in peace, from my heart to yours.


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