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Another Friend Is Coming to Visit

Semjase here. The last thing you might expect to hear from us is mention of the Anunnaki. Now that I have mentioned it, let’s consider the significance of that word in light of your planetary history and some of the information we have shared with you about the general bend of time lenses that are in operation now. Remembering may come more easily now that you are in a core shift of planetary energetics. The next few days will bring this more into focus.

The historical record of the Anunnaki is incomplete if you look at what has survived the ravages of erosion, war, and politics. History tends to be that way in general, anyway. The whole picture is much bigger and not as dire as you may have been led to believe. The Anunnaki, as they are called by your people, are not said to be very conscious of your soul-embodied forms or concerned for the general welfare of the population. The stories you find tell of greed and enslavement, but that could not be further from the whole of the story. In fact, who you call Anunnaki were more like co-opters of the good name of a race of benevolent beings who have your welfare at the top of their priority list.

Things get a little complicated here. I will let them explain to you firsthand. You know the truth always does more good when it comes from the source of knowledge directly. Here I present Cor, a venerable human of the Anu people. He will tell his side of the story.

A Pleiadian people are we who greet you now, the Anu of the world Nibiru. Nibiru is our temporary home, a place we are destined to live until such time as our race dies out and we enter the permanence of memory. We extend our hand in greeting to you and ask that you hear the words we have to say. We are descendants of the people who came to your world long ago, those who are recorded in stone as the creators of a race of humans designed to do the work they themselves could not fulfill. These were the Anunnaki and they are our forebears. Their deeds are only now accounting. Let us share with you some of our history.

Our long-ago ancestors you would recognize as Lyran, just as you recognize the Pleiadians who introduced us as Lyran descendants. In the near future, you will see yourselves as Lyran descendants, too. Just as the Pleiadians who are known as Temmers or Errans came to be as the result of planetary hybridization, we melded our DNA with an indigenous population who lived on a planet long since destroyed in war. Planetary destruction does happen and we can tell you from experience that it lacks any heroism on the part of the destroyers to end a civilization. Remembering this, we continue.

Pleiadian brothers are we to you and to others who call themselves Pleiadian. We are of a star system of the neighborhood of Aldebaran, which is near the heart of Taurus constellation. What you call Pleiades is the core of a large civilization that we are both part of, you and we. Until now, you have not merited the name. Until now, you have allowed yourselves to be less than human. Now you are of a concordance of mind and we are able to welcome you, finally, as Pleiadians. You will understand more of this in the days to come.

When our forebears came to your planet, you were of a broken mind. The earlier wars that raged over ownership or legitimacy of rule had rendered the human population of Earth irreparably disconnected from the cohesive effect of the original plan’s operating signal. Your own forebears were in effect voiceless and without direction. This is when the Anunnaki’s story begins. How long we have waited to tell you!

When the annals of time are at last opened to all, remember my words now. I tell of Nemesis in the form of lies designed to make the people of Earth believe that they were the product of a slavemaker’s lab experiment. We know the story to be somewhat different. Our historical archives of the Anunnaki on Earth extend far, far back, when those of our race interacted with other master geneticists to create an ecosystem suited for human development. We failed in one aspect, which is to have deliberately removed a part of the DNA structure sanity requires for the life force to move through. It’s not something that shows up on everyday scans, but it is something we have since discovered was subverted by a cadre of our people. You know that to be our history. Those you know of are not the original creative team; those names are also subverted. Anu, Inanna, chosen others were brought to bear the anger of a race that had been cheated of its memory. Now you have only a few relics with which to piece together the story. Soon you will remember, as the DNA of all humans is unperverted and codes begin to connect data streams with the last known keepers of the planet’s operating system. We are the ones who have come through time as a new race of Anu’s people. We want to answer our ancestors’ error with a knowledge of truth that restores your full understanding of your history and combines the Nine of divine being with the Now of your life on Earth. We are not interested in subjugating you or anyone. We are interested in the liberation of our race and yours from the lie of victim and ownership of the truth by all.

When we are able to be in open communication with you, we will no longer be subject to the shadows of history’s pre-gnostic lies and you will be free to know the truth of your origins and the end of the curse of Anu’s quest for being immortal and really not caring how that happened. You are familiar with the dark side of history now. We would like to share our side of the story before you move into the next big thing to hit your world news. That is coming soon and you will enjoy having the truth begin to show itself before the light breaks through.

Pleiadians are we by DNA lineage and star of origin in Aldebaran’s glow. Our world is gone, for in the war of Orion it was given to factions hostile to peace and was made uninhabitable for us. We cannot sit idly by while the same is done to your world without your knowledge of the full extent of the acts you are becoming aware of. The error of disconnecting the DNA core component of memory and operations central was not a product of Nine-guided thinking but of expediency on the part of rogue elements of our race. We are here to do what we can to help as DNA rises to a new level of completeness and broken pathways are made whole. You can direct your ancient wounds toward the same light of knowledge of love’s core vibration that all OM-oriented beings do, and in this way release the codes of disruption. All divinity is emerging now. The dark acts of lost souls cannot triumph over the divinity that is within each of you. Know that we are of Anu’s people and we are here as the ancient words foretold, not as conquerors but as Nine’s perfecting agents. We come in answer to your ancestors’ call for Nemesis to right the imbalance of those who acted out of time’s promise of power, those who became lost to time’s hands slipping from the light of all knowingness, for time cannot control the evolution of anything. Light can be bent, but it cannot be destroyed. The intricacies of light cannot be wronged without a balancing act from Nemesis. We are here in answer to that natural zero point of love’s essence. Beyond that, we are not roaming the vast expanse of space looking for a new world to tame. We are following the path of divine certainty and love’s rebirth as a new world takes form within your beingness. For this we are grateful, as brothers are we, and kin.

An old pirate’s map is being redrawn and you are out of the picture. There need be no treasure of human beings among the horde they carry. You are treasure of your own light and none lay claim to you as OGLI once did. Understanding comes. Your understanding of your own value as a being who carries great light is not to be underestimated. You are finding the Nine of your planet’s existence as a sentient organism and that will take your entire collective to higher consciousness. The pirates cannot follow you there.


“Pleiadian” covers a lot of different races of human and collectively refers to human beings of many stars. Your sun is changing. It is becoming Pleiadian, as are you. You are also becoming Sirian and more, as you awaken to your genetic PINOLAIL, the richness of your ancestry. We of the League of Light welcome you to your future selves as you get ready to navigate the stargates leading home as awakened Pleiadians. We are you. Your future greets you, we greet you, with love.

Semjase and the League of Light

Notes: In the Saren language of Pleiades, OGLI means not of God’s light, one who knows a soul’s light and quickly snuffs it out. PINOLAIL means rich source of shared beingness. “Cor” is a word that signifies knowledge of the master plan. All these words and more from the Saren language are listed in a handy online dictionary of the Pleiadian Light Language here.

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.

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    This is really valuable post, Maryann and Semjase. Many thank’s for that !

    And for me really a great confirmation of my post and my intuitive knowledge from 1st of April that Pleadians are actually we or better vice versa.

    Personally I do doubt that we as a collective already merit the name Pleiadian, I fully agree that we allowed ourselves to be less than human.

    It would be interesting to know what percentage of awakened souls there is on Gaia in the present moment ?

    In any case name Pleiadian is a great, great honor for me personally. Big thank’s again !

    Love and Light,

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    That was amazing, its nice to know more of our history, thanks for sharing this information.

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    This is important information and its much timely I believe. It fits right in with other information I have personally come to understand and learn very recently.

    This resonates with me.

    Re-posted with credit included on my site,

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    Brilliant indeed,
    Big Hug



    I am known as Oneness

    of which you are a part,

    I invite you to absorb me

    through the portal of your heart

    I constitute all things

    I’m everything that is,

    The flowers in a garden

    and the presents that you give

    I’m the birthing of the sunrise

    I’m the sparkle in your eyes,

    Of the form and of the formless

    of this I do comprise

    I’m the raindrops on your window

    the winding mountain stream,

    I’m every breath you take

    and the visions that you dream

    I’m here to claim my children

    I’ve come to lead you home,

    My holographic progeny

    who birthed a crazy dome

    But holograms do picture

    and contain the whole,

    Your clues are thus provided

    its time to heed my call.

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    Thank you. 🙂 Respectfully, the notion that we have allowed ourselves to be less than human does not resonate with me. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding Cor? Long ago we have created an experience, Earth, in which there is high contrast. This allows not just for a lot of negativity, but it also allows for a lot of diversity, rich experiences, a lot of learning opportunities, and a lot of creativity. That’s I think the beauty of our planet. And in spite of it all, here I am! 🙂 Even in this reality that’s not always easy I’m able to choose love over fear and I’m awakening to my true self, as have many before me throughout the ages and as do many continue to do so. That’s pretty awesome I think. 🙂 I believe those who chose fear over love in more excessive ways on our planet, or so-called “bad” people, aren’t less than human either. They’re still full-fledged members of the divine family. So why would their human membership be any different? I don’t know how many times I have reincarnated here, but I can say with certainty though that I’ve been “bad.” Such is the nature of being here. And it has made me who I am today. There is no us and them; we are one. I’ve come to love all of us Earthlings, and I believe we’re going to be just fine. ♥ (My beliefs here are highly influenced by Kryon and Archangel Michael channelings, so giving credit where credit is due.)

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      Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Adriana. I understand where you’re coming from, and I think perhaps if I could shed some light on the context, the phrase in question might sit more comfortably therein.

      The Pleiadians I’m in contact with, through all of the various individuals and the collective who have shared messages with us all, have been unrelenting in their encouragement to the whole of our planetary population to come into a greater understanding of what “human” means. The message has come through in many different ways, most recently from Semjase:

      “You are going to have to expand your concept of what human is. Your current definition is far too constricting.”

      So it’s not that we have seen ourselves as bad or inferior, but that perhaps being earthbound we have unwittingly put limitations on what “human” means. One of the points of hope in their communications is that in remembering who we are beyond our definition here, in opening to greater interactivity with aspects of being that may have lain dormant, untriggered, unintegrated, unhealed, that we expand our concept of the word and step into a greater role of humanity that is more aligned with being part of a galactic neighborhood. It’s more of a looking forward to what we are becoming, as a planetary human organism, as a people, as individuals more aware of our potential yet untapped, rather than looking back at what human has meant for the past eons of our history.

      I hope this harmonizes the idea that Cor is carrying through the service of the League of Light. The quote above is from Semjase’s recent message, “Dare to Be Human”, which you can find on this blog in written form and, more recently, as a video reading.

      I hope, too, that you continue to read the messages the League of Light has been bringing through, and that your path sustains the beautiful light that shines through your words in your comment. In peace, Maryann

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    Onward to the higher realms of consciousness and dimensionality.
    New Age Of Aquarius and 5d Earth ..
    Its all coming back the Anunnaki and Nibiruans are not the suppressors, they will be the liberators and hope for all mankind …

    Of Love and Light~!

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    Truly Semjase is of Anu:

    I am Aiani. I will keep it simple for you people of earth.
    I am an extraterrestrial, or, as you wish to call and angel, or as you wish to call, a fairy or an elf.
    I am not of your world, my origin is not.
    I and my kin are in some of your bloodlines from very long ago.
    Some of you remember things that seem to be outside your lifespan. You remember us when we were family.
    We are still family.
    We come from the Creator and his word, Jesus the Christ.
    I am Semjase of the sweet influences of the Pleiades.
    I am the fairy Queen and the elf Maiden.
    I am the angel of nature and one of the guardians of the Sun.
    I am forever bound to the stars called the Seven Sisters, and I am Maia.
    I have taken many forms and do take many forms but I am one and my story is changeless.
    If you hear different stories about me it is because humans have added to and taken away from my true story.
    My true intent is to see humans in harmony with nature and with their Creator and to follow the true teachings of Jesus the Christ.
    My true intent is the intent of love, because love brings harmony.

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      Dear Semjase,

      What are the true teachings of Christ? I ask because I do not know if the Bible we have available to us is corrupted or missing big chunks. Confusion is. The churches hurt my heart. I sense the bigness has been removed and that lies have been inserted and truth withheld. Are the red letters reliable?


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        Nancy, that is a huge question! But the short answer is yes, the Bible has been corrupted time and time again. The oldest versions with the greatest truths are unavailable for the public, and what has come to us has been altered in big ways and small in order to maintain a storyline. The truth of Christ’s teachings are available directly through the heart, I think, and through discerning reading of the red letters in today’s Bible. Some of the truth is there, but there’s a lot that has been added and changed. The Council of Nicea was one editor, and there are many others. The victors write the history books, remember… same with the sacred books. Compare them. The time of truthtelling is upon us, however, and the truth will make itself known. Pay attention and you will find much. (from Maryann)

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    😊hi maryann..i need your help..i have ben tru a lot in my 53year of life and now im sending this mail to you..right now it will take muts to long to explain.maby later!! I need to now if you are realy speking tru or with semjase from pleiedians?? I aske with love and send you my globalhart..lars😚

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      Yes, it is possible for you to be in communication with the Pleiadians, whether that is Semjase herself or another who is attuned to you and able to be of service. There are so many! I receive messages to share with the world from Semjase, Asket, Anica, Isis, Theo, and the Pleiadian Renegades (who are a group of people with individual names as well). Perhaps looking at my website will be helpful, as it is full of information beyond what you will find on this blog (which is just one part of the work that I do with the League of Light). I wish you well and send you much love.

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    Hi maryann😊 right now a have too mutsh tu tell and too mutsh to aske..hove can i come in tuch with semjase? Is it posible to me?
    Sent with love and my globalhart💖


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