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Garden of Unknowable Things: A Renegade Pleiadian Lexicon

Starting point for a new understanding

If the history of the world were written in language that made sense, what would that look like?

Here is a starting point for understanding the reality of human existence in a bold new way. The Pleiadian Renegades, a group consciousness of humans who are in communication with our world, have been saying that it’s time for us to have a greater understanding of what it means to be human. Human being. Human doing. It has been a long time since the race of humanity has had a fair shot at truly living up to the name, and that time is coming around again, as human consciousness awakens from dormancy enforced by a rational interpretation based on expediency, based on political entrainment, religious indoctrination, and mass hypnosis.

“I read it every day. Amazing revelations! ‘Love does just what the essence of anything does for it to be itself.’” — R. Neville Johnston, author, The Language Codes

If you are one of the many humans now awakening to the potential that doesn’t let go of what it means to remember what human means, then this is the book for you. Illustrated throughout with engravings from alternate timelines, encoded to release the latent memories of humanity. Understanding awaits the meeting of your mind within these pages. Embark on a journey with the Renegades, and release the world you have known for one that beckons your inner focus to come into being.


agnostic / animosity / ascension / assumption / belief / bend / blood / care / certainty / Christ / contract / cooperation / creation / divinity / do / Dreadnought / dream / emanation / encounter / God / grace / home / illumination / initiative / joy / juxtaposition / lack / language / loudness / love / mental / misunderstanding / morality / Nemesis / nexus / node / relevance / resonance / sanity / sarcasm / service / spaceship / truth / you / zero point


High-level spiritual teachings

“If you are a fan of Maryann’s other books, you will be delighted with the depth and richness of this soul lifting manual! If you have never read any of her books, I recommend this one, as well as all the rest, if spiritual Ascension is your goal. The Pleiadian teachings are of the highest quality and full of the loving energies of our galactic brothers and sisters. It is rare to find soul level self improvement literature, but alas here it is! Enjoy every bit of it.”
— Kaydee, VineVoice (

Esoteric Insight beautifully combined with Practical Participatory Solutions

“Once again Maryann has combined great insight with practical solutions. She, in conjunction with our stellar family, beautifully describes what is happening in this reality and how we can participate in the magic of transmutation and transformation of seeming chaos into the beautiful world that all who have found their way to these pages have dreamed of for millennia.”
— customer

A story about endless love in times of transformation

“Such a beautiful book…it brings peace of mind and heart, and the knowing while reading each sentence, that everything is ok, perfect as it is because of the way everything is configured and how everything moves. The rapture that brings the realization of endless love.”
— customer

Five stars

“Awesome most relevant information for these times we live in.”
— customer

Original Posts

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Visit the Garden of Unknowable Things blog to read some of the original posts that form this book.

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