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Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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Introduction: Meeting Old Friends
Introduction by Nine: Meet the Pleiadian Renegades

1      Love Is Nine’s Manifested Reality, and So Are You
2      Creation of Soul
3      Nine Distinct Levels of Reality
4      A Pleiadian Home Movie: Your Life in Multi-D
5      Book of Knowledge of OM
6     A Simulation in Weirdness: A Dream of Odd Address
7      On a Dream and a Prayer
8     Land of Love and Peace
9     Order Leads to Chaos: Nine Reality No-No’s
10    Do As Thou Lovest
11    Sado-Masochism Spaces You Out
12    The Order of Divine Drama Is a Comic Space Story
13    World Evolutionary Stories Are So Thrown Together These Days
14    You Are the Answer to God’s Question
15    Drive West of Downtown and East of Beyond
16    What of Choice?
17    Maybe Our Home Is Here — or, Out of Sight, Out of Mind
18    Perchance a Dream
19    You are Real, of Course
20    Chip Off the Old Block
21    Odd Coincidence How We Met
22    Who You Are Is Knowing

Greet the light of a new day. It’s time to awaken to a new world.

You have the single most precious ability that a human can possess, right now, in your hand. You are ever in possession of it, yet, like the leaves of a tree, you release it periodically and turn inward to find the strength to grow the leaves again. You are divine… yet stripped of that knowledge, are you yet a human in possession of divinity?

The Pleiadian Renegades have woven a narrative of deep understanding of what it is to be human. They share their insights as a people once out of local understanding of their innate divinity. Eons of soul-integrating immersion in the teachings of Nine — through Nemesis encounters and big bold triumphs of energetic lessons in divine transformation — have brought them, as a people, to the shores of our world. They carry with them the gift of knowledge and human friendship to share with us all.

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