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Pleiadian Renegade: Thoughts of Higher Magnitude

Logbooks of the League of Light, vol. 2

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Now is the moment to discover reality’s next evolution.

How ready are you to encounter the kind of wisdom that can change the way you see everything around you? To change how you think about the genesis of interstellar contact? Renegade thoughts can lead to bold new interpretations of reality, for those who dare to go beyond the limitations of terrestrial thought. Pleiadian Renegade: Thoughts of Higher Magnitude continues a narrative of expanded awareness and brings cosmic wisdom down to earth, with wit and insight.

Book Contents:

Introduction: Brought Back to Life
Foreword: Keeping the Light On
A Note on Nine

SECTOR ONE: No Rhyme, Just Reason

Chapter 1/  Ring Around the Rosy
Chapter 2/  Snacktime
Chapter 3/  Mapping Out the Order of Knowledge

SECTOR TWO: Let Bygones Be Bygones

Chapter 4/  You Do Well to Pay Attention to Your Inner Knowing
Chapter 5/  Say What You Mean
Chapter 6/  Come Nearer to the Alley of Time

SECTOR THREE: More of Yourself Do You Become

Chapter 7/  Knowing Is Believing, Nearly
Chapter 8/  Before the End of Time, Everything May Change
Chapter 9/  Nine, Code Name Nemesis



“Magnificent. As always.”
— Ivailo Daskalov

Original Posts

Visit the Renegade Thoughts blog to read some of the original posts that form this book.

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From the Foreword:

“We have traveled through time to meet you in this space of friendly remembrance to bring you news of the human potential to drive your world into a new age of galactic networking and universal peace and prosperity. You have had a glimpse of such things from time to time, and you carry the hope — if not the complete understanding of what such conditions feel like — within your hearts. As a collective of humanity that has called Earth home for eons, the main thrust of which understanding has been the inability to see beyond the limits of your earthly mindspace, you stand at the brink of a step forward into a new evolution. Together, you have come to the point of recognizing the unsustainability of what it is to be human under the spell of social control and forced limitation of your power. Together, you will take things into your own hands and turn the tables on the game that has been played out to your detriment. The dice have been loaded and the cards stacked against the emergence of a humanity fully empowered, but all of that is about to change. You are changing that. Every time one person awakens to the light within themselves that leads to the greater understanding of divine embodiment taking form as what you truly are, as soon as someone realizes that the extent of human reach does not stop at the edge of your world’s troposphere but indeed exists and thrives throughout the galactic arm of the Milky Way, and beyond, you are changing the fortunes in your collective favor. Our presence here, in the form of telepathic communicators and guides at this time is testament to the potential you have to choose the timeline that leads to that, in fact, being your future reality. And because it is a choice, we would like to raise your sights to the higher thoughts that take you there. That is our mission, and our familial duty to your people in this time of transformation. To let the alternative slip into being is not a timeline you would enjoy, we daresay.”

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