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Is There a God? Pleiadian FAQ

“Is There a God?”

“The ideas that have arisen in your civilization surrounding the questions about the nature of sacredness and the existence of some kind of intelligence aware and responsive to the entreaties of human beings seeking grace within chaos have become twisted into a tangled knot of confusion. Questions such as this inevitably lead to dissatisfaction, mainly because they arise from a state of fear. Concern over the ability of life to thrive within the aftermath of catastrophic change instilled the seed of disunity. Limitation, ending of what had been, loss, trauma, and grief laid the foundation for doubt in the trustworthiness of nature. Once that took root, little could be done to forestall further change, and further loss of what had been known was enforced by the need to stay alive and make sense of the mortification of trust. Thus began the splintering of the human psyche.”

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