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My Complicated Relationship with Predictions

I predict some reading this will see the deeper wisdom in what the Pleiadians are saying here. Some won’t. There, I’m covered.

Starseeds Waiting…

For those of us who have been awakened for any period of time, be it decades or months, it can be very frustrating to wait, and wait, and wait for the game to change, for ignorance to fall, for the sleepers to wake up, already. The sense of impending change many have been feeling for all this time has indeed been met with wave after wave of incoming energies, yet sometimes it’s difficult to see just how much change is happening, and has happened. Case in point, well, take a look at the world, and compare it to how things were just before you yourself woke up.

Okay, so there has been change. Yet, we’re all waiting for something big. Any inkling that it’s time for that to happen, for many, has become a habitual skepticism. “Yeah, right” and “Here we go again with _____________” (fill in the blank with such terms as ET disclosure, financial reset, mass arrests, et cetera). I know that for myself, personally, I brush off such announcements. I’ve just seen too many of them fall flat.

In fact, that was the basis of my first published book, Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact. It details from a very much “being there” point of view what happened when, in 2008, an announcement was made by a popular channel with a large following, heralding the arrival of a fleet of ships in October. The anticipated date of arrival came and went, with nary a flying saucer spotted, and great was the disappointment. At the time, I myself was posting frequent transmissions from the Pleiadian Renegades on the blog Opalescent Words. The Renegades held back from the general mania that was sweeping through the starseed world about aforesaid prediction, prophecy, or forecast, as you like. When the dust settled in the disappointment following the October 14 no-show, they jumped in and delivered some straight-up compassion in the form of the messages, “Right On Time” and “In Answer to Your Silent Questioning, We Speak” (both of which you can read in the book Remembrance).

It was a crazy time, really. Great time for waking up, for many. Looking back from ten years out, yeah a lot of reality changers were initiated then.

Unfulfilled Prediction?

Several days ago, I had a notebook chat with the crew. I often do, or as often as I can manage, to stay on track with their updates for me specifically, and guidance on the work I’m doing with them on the greater mission with the League of Light (LOL). On that day, they gave me a few words which they said I could share if I wished:

“A big announcement will be made in the next two days which will make most people start to see clearly through the illusion.”

I’m really not comfortable sharing things like this, if only because I have no idea what they’re talking about.

But I shared it anyway, on a couple of Facebook groups, my own and another I feel quite at home in. I hadn’t anticipated it being a hook in quite the way it was… but after all, I’m used to the crew’s offhand statements along this vein and their sometimes wonky sense of time and the commonly understood meaning of words like “announcement”.

Much like the aforementioned October 14, 2008 announcement, in a far, far less grandiose fashion, the two days came and went. Big announcement? Hm. Well, lots of things happened. Certain people from the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI jumping through hoops of inquiry while exhibiting various levels of stress, arrogance, and questionable mental/personality states. Trump addressing NATO with a reality check, then going to the UK to give a pep talk of sorts to May and have tea with the Queen (who, incidentally, graciously served recently booted-from-The-Red-Hen Sarah Sanders… I relish observing these sorts of things). These examples are just top-of-mind because, mainly, they’re the ones I’m seeing. How many dozens of other announcements am I not seeing that are hitting the alarm bell for others? Probably several. (Share your thoughts in the comments area below.)

I had a feeling it was like when an important letter comes delivered wrapped in layers of junk mail. Or more advertisements than news in the newspaper. Easy to overlook.

Prediction, Meh…

Now, to my own merit, I have correctly predicted the winner of every World Cup game this year. I tried getting the score too, but was wrong on that every time I tried (but close). Makes me laugh really, as I never thought of myself as a “numbers” person anyway. I have noticed that once in a while, I get a date bang-on right, but usually only when those things come as out-of-the-blue taps on the shoulder. Otherwise, I’ve noticed that my numbers game is off by some factor of scale (keeps me from playing the lottery). Hours might mean days, days might mean weeks, months might mean years. Sort of like having a conversation with my teenage son about how long he’s been playing video games on any given day, there’s little bearing to actual reality as I recognize it. I’ve become accustomed to taking numbers and dates, with some exceptions, with a sizeable grain of salt.

I'm really not comfortable sharing things like this, if only because I have no idea what they're talking about. Click To Tweet

Back to the sentence I posted on Facebook a few days ago. I nervously noticed that some people were asking what the big announcement was, as it had apparently skipped their radar screen, as well as my own. We could all point out several things, yet none of them seemed to any of us really “BIG”. So, dutifully, I turned back to the crew with questioning in my heart.

What, exactly, was this little sentence talking about?

Before I share the message they gave me in answer to my questionings, I’ll share the rest of what they said in my notebook, originally:

“Let us tell you about the next transformation coming. You can share this as you wish. Now, a big announcement will be made in the next two days which will make most people start to see clearly through the illusion. This means that you will need to kick into high gear to have everything done.”

This continued on to talk about some of the more mundane tasks I have going with them, such as website work, readings, and basic organizational things… but making the point to get things done efficiently, because a shift is coming and I’ll need to be available for that in ways they have yet to lay on me. There, you have a peek into the kind of uncertainty principles I work with as a contactee!

Further Words

For the rest of this post, I’m going to simply share the response I got from the crew today, four days after I originally shared that “big announcement” sentence. How does what they say feel to you? Do you see the deeper levels they are working on, preparing us for our own transformation from starseeds to guides to the newly awakened?

The Message

This week, you have seen the holders of the illusion begin to falter. While you recognize what you are seeing as the holders losing their grip, what some others are seeing is the dissolution of the reality they had trusted. While you are watching with interest, some are barely able to comprehend the enormity of change that is happening. It will be your natural work to hold up a better picture of reality to restore this hope. This will provide some good contemplation material for you to consider!

We expected an announcement that was made to make a bigger impression on more people; however, other noise made discerning the thing more difficult. The news we referred to was about the Friday move to put a new congressional committee together to further investigate supposed pandering by the quickly-deteriorating globalist cabal, which is making many question the true intent of said cabal. Those who are beginning to question do not see the front as nefarious, but many are becoming uncomfortable by their antics.

We are aware that there was no all-consuming attention-grabbing headline pointing to this, but the mere fact that many obfuscations are arising necessitates a more subtle kind of “big announcement” than you might envision. Consider that we are speaking broadly, taking in together the various messages now being released to public awareness, and their effect on those who yet sleep. While you may not see certain occurrences as “big”, taken together by the awareness of many now, the activity on the world screen triggers questions that have an urgency to them. As the triggers open pathways of expanded understanding, those relatively small announcements together become one message: It’s time to wake up!

While you may not see certain occurrences as 'big', taken together by the awareness of many now, the activity on the world screen triggers questions that have an urgency to them. #pleiadian #ninespath Click To Tweet

How are you affected by the seeming non-event of the week just passed? As much as you are doing double-takes and seeing masks fall, to the newly awakened, the effect which may delight or vindicate your understanding may shock them to the core. We hope that rather than waiting for a grand announcement you might be expecting — be that the elimination of the criminal element from government or disclosure of our presence in the world — that you will welcome what ultimately will result in a more even playing field, so to speak.

More awakened people will need to get up to speed in some matters, and this will put your abilities to compassionately share what you understand to the test. It will require you to revisit yourself and to consider what seeing through the illusion, suddenly, at  this stage of events, really feels like. Move into shared space and be present with loving compassion for those who are now ready to make the leap into enhanced comprehension. In a sense, you are the front line prepared to perform whatever spiritual triage may be required, as your brethren break free. Thus, the announcement portends quite a different meaning for you who are already, to whatever extent, on the other side of illusion. The time has come for another level of transformation for you, as well. We welcome you heartily!

Comments? Share them below. I’d love to know your experience.


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      That particular announcement was decidedly NOT on my radar! Huge news and so full of potential change!

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    I cant help feel the connection to my recent blog post, “No school like the old school.” They are raising our awareness on the dyer need for change. To learn to see further and more clearly. To not just freely accept was is put in front of our eyes, but to go with our gut and intuition as to what feels right. I believe in a larger transformation wave drawing near. Good or bad, it will be necessary.

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    Hi Maryann…what a powerful message for the tumult of this time!

    I see this “big” announcement manifesting in the form of incredulity at the comically nature of the illusion breaking down. For instance trump at the ‘summit’ between USA and Russia conducting the press conference like he’s a circus act… slapping the world cup ball Putin handed him and grinning to the waiting press. Then a respected BBC reporter putting a farcical intellectual spin on the days events for the camera!! As the crew said in LOL it appears so funny to those of us already awakened!

    The conversions in work on world affairs are getting easier to pepper with truisms as my fellow colleagues are so much more open to an alternative take on events then the mainstream media spin that.. more and more obviously… defies belief.

    Enjoyed the post…. sympathies with the contractee role… I’ve let myself down in past many times with feelings of ‘this is it..’ and here comes the ‘big one’ on a personal level. As was said if one steps back and maps the big picture from 2008 we’ve been on a whirlwind journey!!

    Hold onto your hats for the rest of 2018 and beyond it seems lol


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