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“Lightships” Indiegogo Launch: Participate in Filmmaking

In the light of this past weekend’s full moon eclipse, we daringly launched a campaign to crowdfund something very special.

Given the multiple possible points of entry to understand the material the League of Light has shared in so may ways, I sometimes am at a loss about where to recommend someone start. When you’re new to the transmissions, it can be daunting to see so much, but I’ve trusted that the right path will open up and lead people to exactly what they need to see. Once that initial connection is made, the field is open for exploration. A comfortable and trustworthy entry point for reading has always been the book Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact. It’s by turn deeply insightful and witty. I’ve lost count of the times people have written to me to say how the book has affected them, enriching their lives and literally tickling them into a greater state of awareness. Now, Remembrance is being made into a film, to reach more people at a critical moment of global awakening.


A Strange Turn of Events

Lightships IndiegogoRecently, a strange turn of events has happened, quite delightfully, to extend the reach of these transmissions to a new audience, through the medium of film. I’ve been sharing glimpses of the process of transformation from written word into light and sound. (Scroll down to see some links to those portals to get some behind-the-scenes insight.) The film promises to be nothing short of powerful!

To make it happen, as an independent production free from the restrictions of the corporate mainstream, we’re crowdfunding. The Lightships Indiegogo campaign has officially launched… now it’s your turn to take part in the magic of filmmaking.

I wrote about the magical happenings leading to this point, now, where we are looking at the last week of filming before we wrap and dump the raw footage into the post-production phase. There, more magic will happen, and the Pleiadian transmissions and the backstory of my experience with them will become born anew as a feature film, Lightships.

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A Magical Movie

From a recent article about that period of swift manifestation of thought, I wrote: “John had… written a screenplay based on my experience and my book Remembrance. Feverishly, furiously, with passion, he created something amazing. He took my work the step further in evolution it needed at this moment in time, fueled by the Pleiadians and countless others (we feel them all). The preliminary filming for the teaser trailer was, if I can say, magical… in sacred ancient grottoes, ancient holy ruins, high holy places in lands where legend says faeries and dragons fought in ages past.”

Fast-forward to now. Location has shifted to a small town in the middle of England and the surrounding bucolic yet mystically evocative countryside. At this moment, cast and crew have gathered in a sprawling, derelict estate that’s alive with the ghosts of the past, populated with spirits watching the activity of filmmaking with a chilly otherworldly interest. The Pleiadians are there as well, not that you’ll see them on the screen, but you’ll feel their presence working through an intensely talented group of actors. Are they channeling the presence of extraterrestrials? I leave that for you to discern. The idea is intriguing.

The Lightships Indiegogo campaign just launched! We call you to participate in making this groundbreaking Pleiadian film available to an awakening world. #PleiadianFilm #LightshipsFilm Click To Tweet

Become Part of the Crew

End of January. We’ve just felt the torque of a massive full moon eclipse. At that moment of heightened light and mystical forces, we hit the launch button for our crowdfunding campaign. Lightships Indiegogo is on! We open the project up for mass participation, as the film itself is designed to amplify the awakening that’s happening around the globe now, and which shows no sign of abating. Lightships, if we can (we will) manage to nurture it into existence in the coming months, will be a primary catalyst of awakening to a huge audience, people ready for deeper understanding of inner truth and open to the transformational energies encoded in the Pleiadians’ words.

You can play a part in the production of this very renegade consciousness-raising film project by contributing or, if you can’t, by sharing far and wide. You’ll have my thanks, the gratitude of our tiny but dedicated cast and crew, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a contribution to global awakening.

And you’re welcome to connect with me here or at the Roundtable forum anytime!

Thank you for your presence. Stay tuned for more updates! And please help in any way you can to bring this film to the public at this critical time of global awakening.


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