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Mission Update: Pulling Back

An official statement regarding the current status of the mission:

“Nine’s Last Word” was the last message of the League of Light in the Nine’s Word series. It’s not the last word from them or from me on their behalf. You will hear more, but for now, during a brief hiatus, you can read from their overwhelming collection of love letters to us.

I direct your attention to the official Pleiadian Renegades Facebook group, where the conversation and community happens. Share passages from your favorite message or any material from the Nine’s Path website that you discover which speaks to you. Bring it to the group for discussion and mutual revelation. I just ask that you not introduce extraneous material from any other sources of seeded transmissions. Keep the focus on what the League of Light says and the benefit will be great. Everyone can shine.

I’ll post more as soon as I can. In the meantime, while I may pop in now and then with comments and impromptu transmissions I can share, Bill will be overseeing the FB group. He’s uniquely placed for this, as producer of the upcoming film Lightships, which is itself the product of his vision of bringing the League of Light’s material to screen to reach a larger audience in a new, creative format. He has my and the LOL’s trust (they vetted him 😏).

For now, let this harmonize within you, and please bring your questions and thoughts to the group to talk together about.

I love you all,


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    Hi Maryann. I have just found you. A suggestion on my FB feed to join a Light Language group, the mention of the star Y Eridani and a Google search led me here. Thank you for everything that you share. It’s received with great appreciation.


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